The Bike Club

This is not what I usually wear on a day-to-day basis. If I did, I’d probably get picked on considering how hot it is here in Manila. This kind of reminds me way back when I’d wear 3 to 4 layers of clothing just to go shopping or catch a movie, and well, you know how it is – I got laughed at! If only it was colder here, I’d get away with wearing as much layers as I want. Anyway, does anyone of you know where I can join a bike club and have my own crew of bikers? Because all the more reason I have to wear my leather jacket and feathered skirt, specially when pedaling up a cold, cold mountain. Or, better yet, we could make our own bike club! What do you say? _MG_3434 1 _MG_3430 _MG_3447 _MG_3432 _MG_3436 _MG_3444 _MG_3429

Leather Jacket - Forever21, Studded top - Zara TRF, Feathered skirt - Stradivarius, Holographic Sandals - Black market in China.

Sir, Yes Sir!

Whenever I avoid awkward situations and make small talk, I almost always ask the newly acquainted with a ”What’s your favorite color?” or “Where do you live?” (I guess those questions don’t make it any less awkward now that I think about it.) And the usual answer to the former is – YES, YOU GUESSED IT – green. Green. OH GREEEEEN Mixing textures, fabrics, and patterns of different leafy shades work so well together! No, wait, scratch that – as a matter of fact, mixing different shades of any color, be it blue or yellow or pink, gives the illusion of a put together but totally made up look (just as long as you combine different textures and fabrics!) HIHI! _MG_3263 _MG_3259 _MG_3281 _MG_3253 _MG_3277 _MG_3279 _MG_3271 Black Cami - own design, Navy green jacket - Zara, Navy green skort - Topshop, Military hat - Guangzhou, Shoes – Converse

Heat Wave

Do I look like a farmer to you? That’s probably because of the pants. I am not a big pants girl, to say the least. So it’s only crucial (and an only option) that I like these pants, because what else would I wear besides from shorts and skirts? Yes, that’s right, pajamas – the only other pair I can’t stop wearing! HAHA! That aside, ALL the “top 5” or “closet essential” articles I’ve read have at least a pair of pants listed on it, so I think everyone has to have a pair. And it’s safe to say that I wear pants, but not the type most people deem denim. But hey, I tried! Ya know what they say, "if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!" (even though it’s put off a little differently) _MG_2775 _MG_2833 _MG_2802 _MG_2816 _MG_2810 _MG_2784 Top - Zara, Cullote pants - Forever 21, Heels - Charles & Keith

Daily D’s

What used to be a fashion faux pas, surprisingly turned out to be the most sought-after trend nowadays – denim on denim! In retrospect, denim on denim was broadcasted as one of the biggest fashion blunders alongside peeking bra straps and MC Hammer Pants (I’m guilty). But, for all I know, as I live in the “Now”, I’ve realized that style is personal and oblivious to changes. Trendy or not, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is dressing what you feel and feeling happy about it. Hoping this post inspired you in some way – even though a famous designer might have already told what I just said (HAHA!) _MG_3056 _MG_3084 _MG_3097 _MG_3069 _MG_3085  _MG_3106   _MG_3102 Denim Corset - Forever 21, Denim Overalls - Denim Co, Checkered button down - Stradivarius, Boat shoes - Sperry Topsider  

Jane in Jeans

Ready, 1, 2, 3, Starting off with my love for white and denim, I dedicate my first blog post to the classics – white top, skinny blue jeans, and beige platforms. “Keeping it simple is key.” “For a laidback, effortless look.” “Don’t always run after the trends.” – these are usually what most magazines and how-to’s have as content, and I totally agree with all these! So before I come up with 3 lengthy paragraphs filled with motivational talks about sticking to the classics and mixing trends – although I seriously doubt coming up with something as long as that – I have one thing to say: WELCOME TO THE HIGH HEELED HUNTER!! _MG_3046 _MG_3044 _MG_3042 _MG_3037 _MG_2998 _MG_2986 Beaded top - Forever21, Blue Jeans - Stradivarius, Heels - Charles & Keith