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fullsizerender69Roughly about a week ago, as I was sketching design drafts, I stumbled across my skeletal drawings from when I was still practicing body frame illustrations, and I thought, "NO ONE CAN EVER SEE THIS! IT LOOKS TERRIBLE!" The rough sketches resembles that of a martian, an unknown specie yet to be discovered, and in a more rabid sense, dissected. (ANUDAW?) HAHAHA! Anyway, back to my story, I thought, "Was I really going to be pretentious and put up a fabricated facade of me being this naturally gifted, professional designer when all the while, I've been practicing for months and months, which at the very least, contributed to my still amateur drawing of a body frame, and also taking into consideration my adamant campaigning for disregarding what other people think, for living for an audience of One, and for not being afraid to be different (or make mistakes) yet still have the audacity to do otherwise?" fullsizerender75 NO!!! Absolutely not! As tempting as it is guaranteed, it only fosters for an environment of fraud and artificiality, an environment invoked for pleasing others, myself included. And dependent on varying situations, I know we've all had our fair share of attempts to simulate a rather "better" and far less authentic version of ourselves in order to uphold a certain, and no less illusive, reputation in the minds of others. We all want to look good in the eyes of people, who doesn't, right? But as it develops into a lifestyle, we lose ourselves in the process too! fullsizerender72 fullsizerender71 In line with attempting to draw croquis, I'm still bad at it, still in the process of achieving Madame Versace's graceful strides, so what I do instead is trace the body frame and draw the rest of the targeted ensemble from there! 🙂 i love opening up to you guys, being vulnerable and au naturel, so to speak. HAHAHA! Have a great week and happy hunting! 🙂 fullsizerender76 ALL NOTEBOOKS ARE FROM SCHUTZEN! 🙂 AVAILABLE IN NBS, POWERBOOKS, AND FULLYBOOKED!

How to Style Your Old Formal Dresses to Make Them Look More Casual

School soirees, cocktail parties, grand family reunions, sweet sixteens, debut celebrations, formal banquets -- we've all been there, but what's the one thing, aside from experiential occurrences, all of which have in common in terms of executing a certain preliminary routine set before said events? DRESS SHOPPING, OF COURSE! But subsequently, as the much anticipated, Oscar-regarded event all dwindles down to its post-festivity humdrum, so does our silk, sequin-studded dusty rose of an evening dress find its home in the back of our closets, never to be taken out to a night gala of sparkling wine and fancy-plated, mini croissants ever again. But are we all seriously just going to sulk, or in most cases, stay indifferent as our dresses fade away into clothing oblivion of what is an indirect translation to donation or charitable contingencies as a last resort or forced grant, with, of course, taking into account a remaining desire for the clothing item? OR DO WE FIND OTHER CRAFTY WAYS TO STYLE OUR OLD, FORMAL DRESSES AND REVAMP THEM INTO MORE CASUAL FRIENDLY PIECES? I'D SAY LET'S GO FOR THE LATTER! 🙂 1. Style with a button down shirt underneath! You can even style this look with a maxi dress! I can only imagine how gorgeous that would be!
Processed with Snapseed. Processed with Snapseed.
Outfit details: Floppy hat - Forever21, button down - Zara, floral tube cocktail - #DesignsByKyna, kooky handbag - Flea market, yellow pumps - Flear market 2. Wear a jacket or a vest! Probably the most simple yet très chic of ways to restyle!
IMG_8046 Processed with Snapseed. 3. Layer with a see-through cover up! What do you guys think of this edgy ensemble?
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Outfit details: beanie - H&M, chokers - Lilith PH, sequined dress - TopShop, cover up - Zara TRF, black body bag - Zara TRF, Studded heels - Miss Selfridge, jewelry - Mel's Collection, wrist bracelets - H&M 4. Sport an A-line skirt over! You'll look nothing short of fabulous when you own this getup for yourself! TAG ME IN YOUR IG POSTS WHEN YOU RECREATE THIS LOOK! HAHAHA! (Feeling ko ba na may magrerecreate? BUT I HOPE YOU DO!)
 Processed with Snapseed. Processed with Snapseed.
Outfit details: Sunnies - Zara, neckscarf - #DesignsByKyna, beige dress - #DesignsByKyna, A-line skirt - Romwe, handbag - Balenciaga, Peep toe sandals - Zara TRF
Romwe's having the most awesome of sales! Click this link here to get redirected to their website! 🙂 5. Snuggle in a sweater! After all, napakalamig dito sa Pilipinas! HAHAHA!
j 6. Play with oversized blazers! Wore my top hat and "Phantom of the Opera" inspired mask last minute since I was EXTREMELY skeptic on wearing the blazer and ball gown as is, HAHAHAHA! So I thought this could be a good look for a costume party! I call it -- LADY PHANTOM. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Tawa naman diyan mga bes!
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Outfit details: top hat - Notting Hill flea market, blazer - #DesignsByMommy (that's actually my dad's), formal gown - #DesignsByMom #DesignsByKyna, mask - Souvenir store in Venice, Italy Honestly, I'd say making this blog post was INSANELY challenging -- with all the creative juice needed in coming up with fresh ideas on restyling formal dresses into casual wear, I'm totally burned out! Fortunately, I've always got the Big Man up there to help me with some creative boosting whenever I need it! It's amazing how every time I ask Him for help, He immediately delivers! A lot of times, I ask Him for content for writing entries and ideas for designs and styling, and never once did He fail to leave me appalled! All that you've been reading, seeing, and taking inspiration from is from Him -- all glory be to God 🙂 HAPPY HUNTING, GIRLIES!

How to Style Bomber Jackets Differently Than Everyone Else

Imagine this: you're in a restaurant you've never been in before and as you're browsing through their menu, you, as if preset, impulsively pick the delectably photographed dish of tomato based fettuccini and meatballs out of all the other equally as, or maybe even more, mouthwatering entrées offered -- which in passing, explains that by law of nature, we've subconsciously embodied a predetermined set of choices apt in readiness for when an immediate response is needed to decision-make, predominantly influenced by preference more than any other factor; but as convenient as it is, so is it limiting, limiting in the sense that only a certain number of possible contenders, in particular, are to choose from. In line with planning what to wear come mornings or generally, as it would be, the same principle comes to light -- say for example, you decide to sport your newly bought bomber jacket to school, and in a fixated state of mind, the only choices you think you have are among a pair of skinny jeans, a pair of shorts, and possibly yet arguably a mini skirt; which raises the question -- IS THAT ALL WE'VE GOT? DO WE REALLY THINK WE ONLY HAVE THREE CHOICES MAX? For desire of emphasis and lack of direct translation in English, "HANGGANG DOON NALANG BA TAYO????????" HAHAHAHA!
Well, to show you guys that we alone limit ourselves, barricade ourselves within bounds of a magazine editorial, and put ourselves in a box as a result of a certain mentality invoked upon by excessive obsession over the media as we fall trap to what it promotes highly and of that otherwise (leading to mindless imitation and therefore limitation), I've got 6 bold, and indubitably unique, ways for you guys to style bomber jackets differently than everyone else, differently than the usual (e.g. ripped jeans, cut off shorts, skater skirts) -- OPEN YOUR MIND, YOU ARE LIMITLESS AND DIFFERENT, DRESS LIKE IT!!
               Zip up your jacket once in a while! Nobody ever does that anymore! 🙂
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Outfit details: bomber - Stradivarius, patches - #DesignsByKyna, wide leg trousers - Zara, shoes - Adidas Stan Smith, duffel - Michael Kors, cap - Ferrari Merchandise
               You can never go wrong with print on print on print! 😉
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outfit details: bomber - UNAROSA, corset - Forever21, skirt - Romwe, handbag - YSL, pink pumps - Zara, multiicolored pumps - Ever New, head accessory - Forever 21, choker - unlabeled
               Wooo! Free cheers for the blue eagles!
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outfit details: bomber - A-shop, ball gown - Mark Tamayo, silver chained necklace - Flea market

Remember, don't ever limit yourself, thinking you have no other option, both in terms of dressing up and in life! 🙂 YOU ARE LIMITLESS AND UNIQUE, DRESS LIKE IT! AND LIVE LIKE IT! 🙂 HAPPY HUNTING!

Your Ultimate Style Guide to Making a Big Difference in Your Life

Come mornings, a.k.a. our day-to-day phenomena akin to a slightly less chaotic version of a civil war, what factor in outfit planning do we tend to overlook unless stated as a requirement or prohibited in lieu with dress codes? After much thought (and research), I'd say it's COLORS! What most of us fail to consider is the fact that colors contribute to and play an essential part of life than we think they do, not in the generic sense but of particularity for each shade. For example, fast food chains usually uphold the colors red and yellow primarily because the former promotes excitement while the latter suggests a rather optimistic ambience; putting two and two together, results to more and more customers drawn towards said establishments as both colors combined subtly identifies their products with happiness, satisfaction, and the like. Similarly, the same principle applies for electronic-based corporations (e.g. iPhone, Android) whose paradigm is of simplicity and of sleekness, hence the neutrals: white, black, and gray, plainly conveying their device's high technological advancement yet no-brainer maneuvering design. So, you see, psychologically, colors are affiliated with emotion, mood, and impression -- which is why, colors change lives! And we're going to make big changes in our lives as we sport reds, yellows, and blues in monochrome! 1. If your goal in life is to love others unconditionally and to be loved in return, WEAR RED! Outfit details: sweater - H&M, striped maxi top - #DesignsByKyna, asymmetrical high low skirt - Ever New, stiletto - Charles&Keith 2. If you yearn for success and victory, WEAR GOLD! Outfit details: bomber - Zara, culottes - Zara, top - Miss Selfridge, oxfords, Zara, hat - H&M, clutch bag - Louis Vuitton 3. If you've always wanted to gain respect from others, WEAR NEUTRALS! snapseed-97.jpeg image IMG_0608 img_9271.jpg 4. If you want to patch things up with a friend you fought with, since blue is the color of peace, WEAR BLUE! IMG_1855 img_9670.jpg Look 1's outfit details: floppy hat - Zara, striped button down - flea market, denim overalls - flea market, a-line skirt - flea market, clutch bag - New Look, oxfords - Charles&Keith 5. If you feel like you're stuck in a rut and want growth in your business, in relationships, and life as a whole, WEAR GREEN! img_8960-2.jpg _JSY2338 6. If you've lost your motivation and passion for something, WEAR ORANGE! FullSizeRender(36) 2 Also, you can't make that huge of a difference in your life without a good set of makeup! Outfits make up about a half percentage in impacting your life, but the other 50% goes to a fresh face! And as some of you may know -- I only put a minimal amount of makeup on my face so as to avoid unnecessary irritability and eventual damages in later years, so what I usually put on my face are a dab of lipstick, a dot of concealer, and for special occasions, a light stroke of my trusty eyebrow pencil! THAT'S ABOUT IT! And I've had a rough time looking for the perfect products to not only provide flawless results but take awesome care of my skin just as well! But then (cue drum rolls) I've had the most exciting opportunity to work with Dearberry and get a taste of their cosmetics! AND I GENUINELY, TRULY, OVER THE TOP LOVE THEIR LIPSTICK, CONCEALER, AND EYEBROW PENCIL! And it goes without saying that the same trio I use on my face are the same ones they gave me -- talk about destiny! Processed with Snapseed. img_5443 Processed with Snapseed.

Dressmaking 101: Revamp Your Hawk Bag

Hey guys! We're back with a "Dressmaking 101" segment! And I wanted to share how the team (specifically Kuya Wilbert) and I worked together to revamp my Hawk bag's entire look as I wanted it more different and unique considering more than half of the population owns one, HAHAHA! So how exactly did we get from hereMGREEN-BLACK to here? IMG_2002 FullSizeRender(56) Watch this video and you'll find out!
What we used in painting the peacock were a set of airbrush tools and a wide array of fabric paint. Quite frankly, it takes a professional to actually perform an intricately done painting job, and so to speak, we're definitely not professionals! HAHAHA! So for a more suitable alternative, here are the following tools you can buy that are both more accessible and doable, without canceling out the fun: •Paintbrush •Fabric paint or acrylic paint •An outline printed from the internet; be sure to paste it on a piece of cardboard to make it sturdier when painting (but you can always do freestyle!) •Newspaper as not to create a horrendous mess •Masking tape to cover logos and whatnot •Gal pals, so you can all have fun together! And that's it! It's all about being creative and making it yours -- OWN IT! 🙂 if you ever recreate your Hawk bag or any bag for that matter, send me pictures; I'm dying to see them! 🙂 drop me a line or comment down below if you have any further questions -- I'd love to chat with you!!! HEHEHE! Happy Hunting! 🙂
P.S. If you want to see more details on the outfit I wore to match my backpack, read my article on "What to Wear to Catch Your Crush's Attention" 🙂