Look What My Momma Made Me

I'm turning 18 soon, and as a Filipino tradition, a party is to be held in celebration of a girl's turning into a lady. And also a Filipino tradition, the debutant is to have her pictures taken before the event. So here are some of the pictures taken at the shoot, and i'm so proud to showcase all the gowns and dresses my mom and the team designed for me. Shout out to you, Mom, if you're reading this! And shout out to the One who made everything possible -- for giving a place i could manifest my itch to create, for giving me a team i could create with, and for giving me the privilege to share the created with all of you. #thankYou _JSY4605 _JSY4582 _JSY4551 _JSY4445 _JSY4589 _JSY0287 _JSY0190 _JSY0256 _JSY0128 _JSY4492 _JSY0318 _JSY0273 _JSY4744 _JSY4464 _JSY4577 _JSY0297 All Gowns - Own Design

Sir, Yes Sir!

Whenever I avoid awkward situations and make small talk, I almost always ask the newly acquainted with a ”What’s your favorite color?” or “Where do you live?” (I guess those questions don’t make it any less awkward now that I think about it.) And the usual answer to the former is – YES, YOU GUESSED IT – green. Green. OH GREEEEEN Mixing textures, fabrics, and patterns of different leafy shades work so well together! No, wait, scratch that – as a matter of fact, mixing different shades of any color, be it blue or yellow or pink, gives the illusion of a put together but totally made up look (just as long as you combine different textures and fabrics!) HIHI! _MG_3263 _MG_3259 _MG_3281 _MG_3253 _MG_3277 _MG_3279 _MG_3271 Black Cami - own design, Navy green jacket - Zara, Navy green skort - Topshop, Military hat - Guangzhou, Shoes – Converse