Painting My Old Clothes

I've always had a knack, more so passion, for clothing pieces designed in such a way that not only looks out of the ordinary and avant-garde but is also intricately constructed further along and all throughout the process, as well as refined, at its optimum, and perfected with indistinct details (regardless of improbability of catching notice). And although we individually latch on to particular senses of style, "To each his own," as they say, we still want something more or less similar to the aforementioned in contrast to our customary shirt-jean or sweater-skirt usuals. Only problem is, more often than not, basing on the foreword description, said apparel costs as much as it looks; in literal terms, it's EXPENSIVE FO MAH LIFE! (Wait for my clothing line instead! I promise it'll be TOO AFFORDABLE FO YO LIFE! But of course in top notch quality too!) Hence my decision to paint my old clothes! It's cost effective, it's resourceful, and it's individualistic (NAKS!)
So get your old paintbrushes and old clothes and let's get painting! Remember, YOU ARE UNIQUE AND UNLIKE ANY OTHER, SO DRESS LIKE IT! And for inasmuch as you can dress like i claim you to be, so as much as you can more so do and really be!

Β 1. Paint your old pair of denim overalls with things that you love and make you happy!
TIP: I promise, it's fairly easy to paint on old clothes, and painting in general, simply because making mistakes is not that big of a deal! πŸ™‚ just like it is with life; it's okay to make mistakes! HAHAHA!
Outfit details: overalls - Zara, button down - H&M, sunnies - Zara Men, pumps - So Fab!
2. Stick to a theme! This one was inspired by Disney's Moana! I was playing the entire soundtrack on repeat for a good week and a half! Hence, the bloopers in the end of the video!

Outfit details: overalls - Stradivarius, off shoulders - Zara TRF, coat (as cape) - Primark, choker - LFT, sandals - Charles&Keith, headscarf - #DesignsByKyna
3. Paint in time for a holiday! This one I painted to celebrate the Chinese New Year! πŸ™‚

outfit details: bomber - Forever21 Men, Slit maxi - Forever21, stilettos - Zara Woman, cap - Ferrari knockoff, metallic purse - Miss Selfridge
Hope you guys enjoyed the time lapsed videos! And send me your recreations if you ever do one! I WOULD LOOOOOOOOVE TO SEE THEM!!! Also, send in blog requests or comment down below cause I'm currently out of ideas (I'm talking zero percent!) -- and I genuinely want to give the best content for you all! SO HELP MEEE!!! BWAHAHAHA! LOVE YOU GUYS!!! πŸ™‚

What to Wear to Rule Your School Just as Regina George Did

If we were to time travel to an era of insanely enhanced technological advancements (where flying cars are considered conventional) and be able to playback a specific set of episodical memories as valid as it ought to be when witnessed in its actual time frame by means of a binocular-modeled gadget (in retrospect, the same process applies for retrieving long term memory from the hippocampus, though only differing in plausible error and natural design), which scene from the movie "Mean Girls" would you want to rewind and play over and over in terms of resonance and overall impression? (Quick side note: yes, as to why the introduction narrates of distant angles is predominantly influenced by Netflix's sci-fi, intrapersonal-remonstrated "Black Mirror") anyway, back to our gist, personally, the whole rundown on Cady and her friends cutting two round holes on Regina's tanktop as partial phase of their scheme to sabotage the latter's reputation and Regina, with her usual disposition of catching everybody off guard, story characters and moviegoers alike, as indifferent as she is confident, unwaveringly, with head held high, struts along the locker room halls in spite of showcased undergarments, with all eyes glued in awe and in majesty definitely outweighs the rest of the scenes, though ranking only a quarter of an inch apart as all scenes stand at par.
For some people, the Plastics' dance rendition of "Jingle Bell Rock" was their ultimate favorite bit, and to some, the part when Damian and Janice were introducing the Plastics (Karen, Gretchen, and Regina) to Cady, enumerating their respective backstories and current affairs -- but what does all three scenarios have as common ground? A PORTRAYAL OF CONFIDENCE; or rather being confident. Regardless of Regina George and her posse's intimidating semblance which emanates inferiority and insecurity towards those "beneath" them, per se, there prevails an underlying demeanor of confidence, paramount to being one's self, portrayed in all of them -- so much so of being relative to insecurity on their part of the scope but is another story -- that we could all learn from, contrary to what it negatively projects on the surface. So how does Regina George encompass that much confidence? And how can we encompass that same confidence?
I'll tell you one thing, the solution is DEFINITELY not being mean to other girls or acting in such a way that emits a rather superior complex. Trust me, I know! HAHAHA! And I'm gonna let you guys in on a secret -- honestly, I'm not that confident as well, I'm awkward, I'm shy, and I get insecure 99% of the time. But what gets me by is contemplating and reminding myself that whatever it is I do, God is with me, with arms on my shoulders, smiling down at me, and reassuringly saying, "I'm here. You don't have to be afraid." And I know for a fact that you've read this time and time again in personal celebrity interviews and numerous inspirational, self-improving articles, but I'm going to say it again and about a thousand more times over simply because I've gotten a first hand experience -- BE YOURSELF; know what you like, know what you don't, know what you stand for, know what you don't. Not everyone likes how I match my clothes, but I like it -- and that's more than enough to keep me motivated in wearing what I want and how I want it!!! 🙂 not everyone's going to like how you're going to do things or how you are, but it's your life, not theirs! RIGHT?!?! HAHAHAHAHA! Just make sure not to do anything illegal or anything that hurts yourself or others! HAHAHA!
Anywaaaay, so now that we've crossed bullying out of the equation, WHERE DOES REGINA GEORGE GET HER CONFIDENCE??? I'd say she gets it from wearing so much PINK! Just think about it -- if you wear an all pink ensemble or a combination of white and pink, would you feel more confident?
Which is why I've got 6 pink outfits for you to draw inspiration from, cause you know what they say, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, we wear pink!!!
1. For Monday Brave the mundane Mondays with loungewear doubled as casual wear! What I wore for layering is actually a night robe -- the next best thing to the white bed sheets we long for during Mondays!
FullSizeRender(102) IMG_2779
Outfit details: beret - H&M, silk nightgown - SM Woman, sequined top - Topshop, sequins bermudas - Topshop, sunnies - Zara, feathered pouch - Topshop, pumps - SoFab!

2. For Tuesday Pink and white.. you can't beat the classics! Side note: this is actually from a post published two years ago! HOW TIME FLIES!!! _JSY0609 _JSY0607
3. For Wednesday Wednesday is the official pink day!! Clad in all pink!
FullSizeRender(97) FullSizeRender(98)
Outfit details: laced layeriing - Forever21, loose top - Forever21, pajama pants - Zara (i cut it short), neck scarf - H&M, sunnies - Zara, loafers - Zara
4. For Thursday Those school cafeteria carbs (IS BUTTER A CARB?) ain't gonna lose themselves!!!
IMG_3001 FullSizeRender(100)
Outfit details: cap - Forever21, sneakers - Zara, bomber - Shane's, ballerina tulle skirt - #DesignsByKyna, camisole - Uniqlo
5. For Friday Dress + blazer combo = the perfect after school shopping outfit!
IMG_2081 FullSizeRender(103)
Outfit details: fur scarf - Zara, blazer - H&M, lace dress - Miss Selfridge, loaders - Zara
6. For Saturday Being a queen bee doesn't only apply in bounds of school!
IMG_3002 IMG_3004 FullSizeRender(101)
Outfit details: fur coat - SheIn, necklace - Mom's, ranger hat - H&M, 80s camisole - Miss Selfridge, pleated midi skirt - #DesignsByKyna, laced up pumps - Zara, metal purse - Miss Selfridge
Hope you had fun reading this blog post! It's meant to be taken lightly, and I do hope you understood the underlying message to all of this! 🙂 BE CONFIDENT! NOT MEAN! That's all there is to being a "queen bee"! BWAHAHAHA! I love you sissies!!!

What to Wear to Have All Eyes On You When You Walk Into the Room

Imagine this: as you step inside the marble pavemented, high-ceilinged infrastructure similar to that of Greek temples from bird's eye view, facilitated to hold a function for an awards night gala, everybody, paparazzi's, A-list media spokesmen, and top notch celebrities alike, service caterers and caviar attendants included, either drops their respective affairs or holds their gaze for a good five second suspension, to the extent of hallucination akin to slow motion scenarios of romantic, boy-meets-girl sitcoms, the moment they see you walk down the chandelier-lit staircase adorning an ethereal, voluminous, hand crafted gown -- a piece so mesmerizing, it left Saab and Gucci out of the picture. We want that; but possibly with less exaggeration, less onlooker quantity, and less concentration, but the gist all the same. To put it out there, more often than not, we inherently associate attention with character flaws concerning self absorbency, pessimism, egocentricity, and that of negatives, predominantly caused by our subliminal selves in effect to prior influences, but studies show that we all, introverts and extroverts alike, all sixteen Myer Brigg's personalities included, want attention; and as a matter of fact, we need it -- just not in the extent of surpassing, or reaching, extremes. A split second or two, or an unexpected fifteen, of undivided attention translates into a language of affirmation and value, which needless to say is what we were naturally designed to get, as well as give; but what we fall trap to is unintended dependence towards the antecedent, that of which is either brought about by or brings about insecurity. But let's focus more on former seeing as I've talked a lot about insecurity discrepancies, acknowledgment, and victories in my previous blog posts! Again, as a disclaimer, this post is not, in any way, to promote, much less encourage, reliance on attention, or lack thereof, for identity establishment and other repercussions directed likewise, but rather is simply AN ARTICLE FOR FUN! HAHAHA! So now, let's get started on attaining our much deserved 10 second spotlight (out of our lifelong 22,075,000 -- yes, I googled!)
  1. Wear something shineeeey! Cause you'd rather be shineeeeeyy!
SHOUTOUT TO MY SECOND FAVE CHARACTER IN DISNEY'S MOANA!!! Maui's my top pick, of course! img_2885 img_2884 Outfit details: blazer - Forever 21, headpiece - Claire's, top - Top Shop, scarf - Forever21, A-line skirt - Top Shop, sequined platforms - Miss Selfridge, clutch bag - Ever New
  1. Personalized anything is a definite showstopper -- TRUST ME!
You can personalize just about anything -- your bags, shoes, and old clothes! Watch how I painted my pair of dungarees and maybe you can get some ideas on how you can start working on your very own one-of-a-kind DIY project! img_2361 img_2362   img_5212 Outfit details for look 1: off shoulders - Zara, dungaree - Stradivarius, coat - Primark, choker - LFT, sandals - Charles&Keith, headpiece - #DesignsByKyna
  1. Turn heads with all black!
Just think of it, when someone enters the room in an all black ensemble, won't you stare in awe? IMG_1436 _MG_3432 _JSY0780 1
  1. Stick to a theme and you'll have all eyes sticked to you!
Here's a little story, i wore this native inspired ensemble to Baguio (a mountain province here in the Philippines) as my little way to show appreciation for their tribal culture and as an excuse to wear my ethnic printed piece -- so throughout the day, I've been noticing head turns from everyone, and I really do mean everyone, on instances I walk by or step into range. But I'd be willing to bet their reason of recognition stems from a sense of "ang weirdo naman nito" as opposed to my anticipated reaction HAHAHAHAHA! There was also an incident wherein a little girl was gesturing towards her younger sister to look at me -- though I'm not entirely sure if I'd feel flattered or humiliated; but realistically speaking, the latter deems more rational. HAHAHA! img_2472 img_2477 So if you want to try experimenting with themes without looking nine months early for Halloween, incorporate casual pieces with those in accordance to your selected motif, so to speak. I'd bet something Victorian or of relative to ballet would look cute! Outfit details: vest - Zara, top - Black market (GREENHILLS), bandage skirt - Zara, sling - Aranaz, sandals - Zara, Fez cap - boutique in Greenbelt carrying unique finds (SORRY! TOTALLY FORGOT THE NAME OF THE STORE!)
  1. Now they don't call it statement piece for nothing!
Wear one and you'll be quite the head turner! IMG_7808 img_2567.jpg FullSizeRender(49)
Mix and MATCH and have all eyes LATCHed on to you (HAHAHAHA! I tried!) Fashion faux pas? I THINK NOT! img_2883 fullsizerender img_5442 Outfit details for look 1: camo jacket - Forever21, balloon skirt - #DesignsByKyna, top - Zara, cap - my dad's (HAHAHA), sneakers - Dogo Hope you guys had a good read! And found this post helpful in one way or another! I genuinely want to create an ambiance for us to vulnerably talk and open up to one another, to share secrets with each other! So if you've got questions, outfit dilemmas, or anything really, just let me know!!! we're sisters, after all! πŸ™‚ I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH, I MEAN IT!

9 Never Before Seen Ideas You Can Try to Add a Little Oomph to Your Outfits

Way back when, and undeniably still, as I stare blankly across our seemingly disheveled board, misconstrued in my perspective, of algorithms and derivatives, on the flip side, opposite my illusive gaze that conducts obedience and attention, though hopefully undetected, my mind wanders to scenarios highly unlikely to occur but somehow, whichever, however, as time consuming as it is delusional, during the span of fantasizing imageries, all of which, contradictory to objectivity -- feels existential and true to form. It feels real, within grasp, and quite frankly, I want it to. I want to feel both exhilaration and fear, completely distracted as to which one weighs more, as I map out, and eventually execute, a strategical, class A, well-thought out prison break scheme into escaping out of a high facility cell, when all the while working as a double agent for the warden himself to gain redemption for a lethal assassin that could potentially save the world from mass extinction. I want to sightsee famous (or infamous), historical landmarks shrined for course altering peace treaties and condemned phenomenas of carnage of innocent men; but not as much as I do equally legendary, or even more so, secluded sites only 5% of town locals know of. I want to dive thousands of miles deep beyond the Great Blue and stride through corroded sunken ships and its remnants. I prefer enthrallment over mundane, I prefer lesser-known over widely-acknowledged, i prefer influential over stagnation, which in turn, reflects my choice of style in terms of dressing. And I know we all have those days when we crave for something different in contrast to seeing the same pieces of clothing to choose from morning after morning, to deviate from our usual clothing combinations and wear something new! Hence, today’s post! [pullquote width="300" float="left"]we all have those days when we crave for something different in contrast to seeing the same pieces of clothing to choose from morning after morning, to deviate from our usual clothing combinations and wear something new[/pullquote] I have 11 fresh and never-before-seen ideas for you guys, all of which a projection of pandemonium that are my desires, to try and hopefully inspire you on how to revamp your everyday outfits into making them more interesting and unique all mirrored to who you truly are β€” interesting, unique, and unlike any other.  
Save the usual way of buttoning up a button down for class reports or interviews! img_5442 img_5441 FullSizeRender(53) Outfit details for look 1: button down and skort set – LFT, drape maxi – Zara, mules – OUI, sunnies - Aldo
Kahit napakainit sa Pilipinas! HAHAHAHA! img_54491 Processed with Snapseed. IMG_1853 Outfit details for look 1: turtleneck – Zara, corset – Forever21, culottes – Primark, clutch bag – Forever21, chunky semi choker – LFT, oxfords – Charles&Keith
Cause framing artwork is so mainstream! img_52111 HERE'S A TIME LAPSE ON HOW I PAINTED MY OVERALLS! or you can paint your backpack too! FullSizeRender(56)
So we can wear both our favorites at the same time! IMG_1583 FullSizeRender(34) Processed with Snapseed.
Cause why not? fullsizerender92 fullsizerender91 Outfit details: sequined cami – TopShop, wide legged trousers - #DesignsByKyna, kimono – Bershka, caterpillar semi choker – Murano glass boutique in Murano, stilettos - Charles&Keith
if I had to pick only 1 thing to wear for the rest of my life but have unlimited supply, it'd definitely be scarves! img_5450 img_5451 Outfit details: sequined top – TopShop, sequined A-line – Miss Selfridge, headpiece scarf , drape scarf, and bag scarf - #DesignsByKyna, sunnies – Aldo, pompom pumps – So Fab!, handbag – Prada
We've been layering, experimenting with tops for about half a century now -- don't you think it's high time to give our bottoms the spotlight? Processed with Snapseed.


Just make sure to coordinate colors of similar hues so as to maintain a cohesive look! On a second thought, forget I said that!!! DO WHAT YOU WANT AND HOW YOU WANT IT! <3

fullsizerender-2.jpg _JSY0490 cIMG_2443


You'll definitely end up looking from drab to fab with this idea! Now cut your baggy pair! P.S. Can you see the rigid lines resulted from impromptu, and not to mention unprofessional, cutting? img_9669.jpg snapseed-107.jpg I reaaaally hope you had fun reading this post! And gained a few ideas here and there! πŸ™‚ love you guys! <3 Disclaimer: said comparison on former versus latter is not intended to offend or attack any particular party as narrative is solely based on personal preferences

What to Wear When You Don’t Know What to Wear

img_5212Too familiar a routine and too occasional a situation -- every morning, or every single time demanded, as we groggily gaze blankly straight towards our wardrobe cabinets come deciding what to wear, while seated perched across our piles of what seemingly is an endless pit of stacked garments of nothingness, we think to ourselves, "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!"; for need of stronger emphasis, in Tagalog, "WALA NA AKONG DAMIT!!!" -- which, needless to say, I catch myself saying one too many times and a hundred times over! And I'd bet all out you do too! Which goes without saying that try as we might, so long as cramming's concerned, we'll always fall and stumble back into terms with the perpetual humdrum that is our morning routine, granting flying to the Bahamas or to the Northern lights, much less a date. But opposite our mindsets, running out of clothes, in the literal sense, most probably rests on a one to a thousand ratio, while lacking ideas, likewise our standardized set of creatives (e.g. our perception of labeling every piece of apparel we own, among a hundred others, "old" albeit purchasing said garments only a few weeks ago and only wearing it once), falls on the former's contrary, a ratio of a thousand to one; ergo this blog post. To broader and simpler matters, the 75 worded sentence stated above basically means -- we think we've ran out of pieces to wear and jump into conclusions of needing new ones, when in fact, WE HAVE SO MUCH TO WEAR AND ALL WE REALLY NEED TO DO IS REVAMP, RESTYLE, AND REINVENT! But docha worry, I gotchu covered fam (really, i love ya gals HUHU)! HAHAHA! On a side note, basing from the data I gathered from some of my readers and personal preferences alike, here's a list of what we usually opt for as alternatives when we just "don't have anything to wear":
  • Dresses
  • A pair of jeans
  • Anything denim
  • Pajama pants
  • A fuzzy sweater/jacket
With that being said and taking the underlying problem of our lack of fresh ideas of which is disguised as "nothing to wear", here are 5 fresh ideas, both prΓͺt–à–porter and DIYs, you can try out for yourself so as to get rid of your daily fashion woes!
  1. Plan ahead and paint your denims!
Perfect for summer vacation, trips abroad, and basically for when you just want something new! img_5213 img_52111 Outfit details: blouse - H&M, dungarees - Zara, paint job - #DesignsByKyna, pumps - So Fab!, sunnies - Zara
  1. Say hello to patches and its cousin -- PINS! PLAY WITH THEM!
Mobility is your BFF here! Whenever you're stuck on stylist's block, grab your pins and stick em' all over your trusty white shirt and you're good to go! img_52231 img_52247 IMG_1857 Outfit details: denim jacket - &NOW, pins - flea market, neck scarf - #DesignsByKyna, lace ups - Adidas, top - Primark, cap - flea market, mini skirt - Billabong, patch work - #DesignsByKyna
  1. Wear neutrals!
It's true what they say -- you can never go wrong with neutrals! img_51531 img_9272.jpg outfit details: beanie - Zara, joggers - Zara, sweater - H&M, mini duffel - Marc Jacobs, running shoes - New Balance
  1. Coordinate similar colors!
Blue, blue, and blue! Green, green, and green! Yellow, yellow, and yellow! You get the gist!
  1. Layer a sweater over a dress!
We always opt for dresses when we just can't find anything to wear, but we can't always be caught wearing the same tunic everyday! Which is where sweaters come in! #OurHero img_5221 img_52201   Outfit details: sweater - Forever21, laced dress - Miss Selfridge, pumps - So fab!, handbag - Prada, headpiece - Forever21
Hope you had gained a little insight on what to wear tomorrow or next week! And tune in for a time lapse of the whole process on painting my pair of dungarees! HAPPY HUNTING!