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Painting My Old Clothes

I’ve always had a knack, more so passion, for clothing pieces designed in such a way that not only looks out of the ordinary and avant-garde but is also intricately constructed further along and all throughout the process, as well as refined, at its optimum, and perfected with indistinct details (regardless of improbability of catching […]

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What to Wear to Have All Eyes On You When You Walk Into the Room

Imagine this: as you step inside the marble pavemented, high-ceilinged infrastructure similar to that of Greek temples from bird’s eye view, facilitated to hold a function for an awards night gala, everybody, paparazzi’s, A-list media spokesmen, and top notch celebrities alike, service caterers and caviar attendants included, either drops their respective affairs or holds their […]

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9 Never Before Seen Ideas You Can Try to Add a Little Oomph to Your Outfits

Way back when, and undeniably still, as I stare blankly across our seemingly disheveled board, misconstrued in my perspective, of algorithms and derivatives, on the flip side, opposite my illusive gaze that conducts obedience and attention, though hopefully undetected, my mind wanders to scenarios highly unlikely to occur but somehow, whichever, however, as time consuming […]

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What to Wear When You Don’t Know What to Wear

Too familiar a routine and too occasional a situation — every morning, or every single time demanded, as we groggily gaze blankly straight towards our wardrobe cabinets come deciding what to wear, while seated perched across our piles of what seemingly is an endless pit of stacked garments of nothingness, we think to ourselves, “I […]

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