Deck the Heels: Bluing

It's Christmas! Dazzling, colorful lights set the streets ablaze, holiday films from way way back to present day roll nonstop on HBO, soothing Michael Bublé songs hit us home as it plays on radios and our phones, and generally anything giving off an essence of Christmas, even if it's as seemingly insignificant as the colors red and green, breaks in and enters everywhere! In a nutshell, and probably one of the most widespread notions of the season, CHRISTMAS IS INDISPUTABLY EVERYWHERE! (And I love it!) 
 Clearly dominating, it domino effects to being influential. With something as simple as catching movie actors wearing bundles of dark toned trench coats, cable-knit scarves with matching bonnets, fleece mittens, and toasty boots for extreme winter temperatures to uncomplicated layers of white thigh highs, long pastel blazers, and light colored dresses for the lesser cold weather, we automatically, as if wired, want the layering -- the boots, the fur coats, the gloves, for ourselves, but unfortunately, we can't. The Philippines doesn't have the "cold winter nights", much less a white Christmas -- IT IS UNBEARABLY HOT HERE!
But who's to say we can't layer?! Here I toned down the usual heavy layers -- from long coats to long kimonos, leather pants to harems, minus all the snow apparel -- often seen in NYC or Europe to what we've developed a colonial mentality from (which isn't a really bad thing, in my opinion, so long as we alter it to a more Philippine-friendly manner)
IMG_0974 IMG_1013 IMG_0981 IMG_0975 IMG_1007 IMG_0996 Kimono - LFT, halter -  Zara, harem pants -  Zara, stilettos - Charles&Keith, handbag - Miu Miu

Slumber Lounge Sleepwear

You better watch out! You better not cry! Better not pout, I'm telling you why -- SLUMBER LOUNGE IS COMING TO TOWN!
So make a list, and check it twice! These pajamas are available to everyone who's naughty or nice! SLUMBER LOUNGE IS COMING TO TOWN! It's so comfy when you're sleepin', and even more when you awake! And it doesn't matter if you're bad or good, but be good for goodness sake! HO! You better watch out! You better not cry! Better not pout, I'm telling you why -- SLUMBER LOUNGE IS COMING TO TOOOOOWN! Check out Slumber Lounge's Facebook page for more details on ordering their fabulous, and not to mention, extremely soft, pajama sets! Now that Christmas is coming, what better present to gift yourself or your loved ones than adorable sleepwear! ENJOY AND HAPPY HUNTING!
IMG_0921 IMG_0747 IMG_0783 IMG_0770 IMG_0885 IMG_0911 IMG_0859

Deck the Heels: Hey Mr. PJ

If you were to be shrunken down a million, trillion times your size, only to find yourself free falling into a deep abyss of an empire, conquered by cells and microorganisms, in the middle of a colonizing battle with plagues of viruses, and the only safeguards you can spot beyond the war zone are islands of dead cells (yes, it's that morbid) all cramped up together, what is the one thing you'd want to bring with you -- a video phone? A chemical for dissolving viruses? -- anything, except maybe a resizing machine. Well, if you ask me, I'd bring my soft, luscious pajamas, no second guessing, just downright straightforward! How could I not -- I live in my pajamas, and as much as possible, I try to get as much from them as I can (I KID YOU NOT)! For instance, like most others, I usually wear my all time favorites at home, but apparently, I figured, that's not the only place I can work 'em, so let me rephrase that sentence a bit -- I used to only wear my all time favorites at home, up until the PJ pants trended approximately five, six years ago when I found out I could I wear it ANYWHERE (You won't believe the glamour in my eyes when I was opened to doors and possibilities of freely wearing PJs whenever I wanted, WHEREVER I WANTED, without getting scoffs and raised eyebrows) AND WITH ANYTHING -- from chunky sweaters (A.K.A. my blog post) to cropped pieces to minimal halter necks -- minus the matching pajama top, so not to look like you #JustWokeUp. But come to think of it, wear whatever you want to wear! Style is limitless; if you wanna wear that matching pajama top, DO IT (only if it looks cute, okay! HAHAHA!) DON'T BE AFRAID TO BE DIFFERENT if you're having second thoughts about purchasing that weird, baggy, optical illusion printed jumpsuit you saw at the mall the other day because you're afraid people might laugh at you, DO IT -- all the more reason you need to wear it. Have a great weekend, loves! And happy hunting!
IMG_0409 IMG_0435 IMG_0402 IMG_0416 IMG_0414 IMG_0417 IMG_0434 IMG_0410 IMG_0407 Sweater - Primark, square pants - own design, green handmade handbag - Greenhills shopping center (black market), necklace -  Stradivarius, black stilettos - Charles and Keith

Deck the Heels: Newspaper Girl

There's hardly ever a deep sense of envy when flicks roll scenes of the sun setting, casting illuminated shadows caped in oversized knits and thigh-high booties prancing around orange-yellow tints of crisp, autumn leaves fanned out on the ground or scenes of transfixed faces, hidden under voluminous coats of fur, gaped beneath the crystal crests of winter snow, albeit living in a two-seasoned country; but every now and then, there is, and a strong pound of envy at that. Even more so when every muscle of your system, every neuron in your brain calls for ensembles typically worn in scenes of movies mentioned above. Take my outfit for example, mustard overalls, olive coats, and maroon turtlenecks fused together solidifies a fall/winter atmosphere -- an apparel more accustomed for the cold weather than that of Manila's (and also an apparel better paired with high black boots!) Envy, jealousy, covetousness, or whatever similar word in the thesaurus there might be, not only comes in forms of miserably wanting to migrate to Europe to be able to integrate varying trends in line with seasons, but the green-eyed monster also pops out all over the place, from under the bed to the unlit basement and everywhere else in between! The only weapon capable of actually getting rid of it is to CONSTANTLY CHOOSE to be content and happy in what we have! It's a mindset, not a feeling. Hope you got a little tidbit reading that reminder! Just wanted to help you get ready for the holly jolly holidays! Happy Hunting!
IMG_0125 IMG_0162 IMG_0171 IMG_0134 IMG_0120 IMG_0161 IMG_0119
Coat - Bershka, overalls - Zara, turtleneck - Forever21 (Thanks for lending me, Pole!), Bag - Aranaz, Sunnies - black market, paperboy hat - Zara, T-strap heels - Charles&Keith

Deck the Heels: Made for a Mademoiselle

Deck the heels (halls) with boughs of holly, fa la la la la la la la la, tis' the season to be jolly, fa la la la la la la la IMG_0071 As if only with just a blink of an eye (well, okay, maybe two blinks), we're back to making long, winding checklists on par with that of Santa's -- only without the perk of having the liberty of commanding the little green elves do the gift wrapping and the reindeers deliver the gifts itself from door to door -- back to attending weekly Christmas gatherings and with that comes incessant festive eyeshadows and sparkly dresses to put on, and back to shuffling across the kitchen, to and fro the tabletops, cooking rosemary roasted chicken after rosemary roasted chicken, baking gingerbread cookies after gingerbread cookies, cleaning up dish after dish all to serve a justified Christmas dinner.
All of which sounds tedious and relentless, but as every year affirms, every maxed out credit card and every aching leg muscle torn out in gift shopping is very much and all too worth it. So if I were to revise my introduction to, at the very least, put together the compelling essence of the tiring quests of celebrating Christmas, I'd construct it in this manner -- as if only with just a blink of an eye (well, okay, maybe two blinks), we're back to giving, reuniting, and sharing -- to strikingly emphasize the love being foreshown in that of buying presents, getting together with loved ones, and serving meals to others. In a nutshell, we're back to being reminded of continually and unconditionally pouring our hearts out in love to others -- the very thing we know we'll never run out of because it is Jesus who pours His love out on us.
With this, I'm breaking the ice with my very first post in my Christmas series (Deck the Heels)! Be sure to stick around for more style updates until the end of this holly jolly season! Keep loving! Happy Hunting! IMG_0035 1 IMG_0027 IMG_0055 IMG_0067 IMG_0048 IMG_0010 IMG_0042 IMG_0033   Mustard kimono - Stradivarius, olive peplum - Topshop, printed skirt - Zara, animal print pumps - Charles and Keith, clutchbag - Miu Miu Credits to Kimsycake for the idea of God's love never running out, love you!