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Sweet Disposition

 On the eve of Christmas eve’s eve (HAHAHA), carrying around our routine of an excuse of buying holiday gifts for people when in fact, we benefited most as we bought ourselves gifts and goodies for overpassing and conquering a semester worth of case studies and research and as we catch up on clothing stores we […]

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Nature’s Calling

Out of all the millions and millions of articles blasting from the internet, which post is most rampantly shared on social media at the moment because of its highly relevant content and ingenuity in our fast paced lifestyle that’s constantly looking for innovation? YUUUUP, LIFE HACKS!  Only, those articles are mostly patterned and targeted for […]

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Pooch in Taipei

When it comes to fashion statements, what ultimately catches my eye when I seam through holiday themed or winter centered media outlets are the strong and bold, voluminous, attention-drawing coats displayed on women, whether it be fashioned on the streets or modeled professionally as layouts for cover pages or for main roles; and what’s usually […]

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