Sweet Disposition

 On the eve of Christmas eve's eve (HAHAHA), carrying around our routine of an excuse of buying holiday gifts for people when in fact, we benefited most as we bought ourselves gifts and goodies for overpassing and conquering a semester worth of case studies and research and as we catch up on clothing stores we should've had but couldn't visit on weekends because of, again, case studies and research, Pauline and I, with corners of our smiles tailgating our eyes, finally, after 4 tedious months, went shopping at Forever21. As enthrallment and excitement roused up all over our bodies, leaving no traces of guilt whatsoever given that we felt the sensation of pride and victory over our dealt with classes, I spotted a military green shawl draped over a mannequin as though it were a soft coat, and time froze still -- every shopper reaching out for the hard-to-reach ensembles up atop the racks, every cashier manning the register collecting change to hand back to giddy women who are all glancing around the gondolas looking for impulsive purchases, and every lady in the ladies' fitting room checking how their bodies look in contrast to the clothes they were trying out all stood still, as if in a movie froze in a timeframe with speed motions paused -- I knew i had to get it; I just knew I had to get that cloak.  After I got it all bundled up in my arms, right there and then, I saw a beige version of the cloak, raveled in a rack of miscellaneous pieces, and in an instant, I swiped it away before anyone could marvel at its beauty and take it for themselves. Now lining for the cash register, I was at a crossroads; I had a dilemma on which one to choose, but I just couldn't resist, so I got both!  About 5 hours later,as I was planning my outfits for our trip to Taiwan, I hadn't had the slightest clue on which cloak to pair with which outfit. I tried putting the green shawl over a striped dress, tried seeing how the beige one looked like with pajama pants, and tried checking the atmosphere extracted when paired with a tight fitting skirt, and somehow, it lacked something -- it didn't feel right. I was lying on a huge pile of my reject pieces, feeling hopeless and regretful of my purchase, when the next thing I knew, i was tying both ends of the green shawl and putting it over the beige one, I got matching whites out from the drawer to make the earthy tones stick out even more, and I put on my maroon fedora as the cherry on top, AAAAND I GOT IT! I was finally satisfied with the outcome of the way it looked. 🙂 Sounds hectic, I know, but it was fun all the same. So what are your fashion mishaps and blunders gone right?                              (That's my grammy right there!)  Fedora - Stradivarius, cloak - Forever21, turtleneck, pants - Zara, boots - flea market, bag - PochetteMNL  

My Life’s Secret

Although our lives are not and never measured by inevitable, painful outer factors akin a tragic death of a loved one or a sudden, painful heartbreak, we still tend to measure who we are or fully depend the outcomes on experiences, as it is normal considering that they are constants in life, to shape our emotions, beliefs, and values -- to shape our lives; say, a young boy grew up in bounds of a violent dad, coming home only to witness a beating taken by his mom, landing him, 20 years later, in jail for the crime of murder, all because of what he'd experienced in his childhood. He had allowed his childhood to write his future, and just as he, so do we; just as you, so do I, just as I, so do you -- we all go through different experiences but altogether we've felt the same pain (depression, loneliness, raging anger, regret, jealousy, confusion, doubts, and emptiness). We unknowingly let our experiences, our pasts, to write our futures, and we don't have a clue how to get out of the rat race -- we feel happy when we're out with friends or traveling abroad, but when we get back home, the sadness starts to creep in once again; it's a seemingly endless cycle, back to square one. I know this because I've felt it all -- I've experienced feeling sudden pangs of emptiness when I'm alone, I've felt depressed especially when loads and piles of troubles came about me, I've felt replaced, out of place, overly jealous, and extremely confused, I've felt incapable in times when I exert effort in the things I do and it ends up a failure, I've been betrayed and talked badly behind my back. I've felt lost, insecure, and unhappy. I questioned God and life, I've thought about suicide -- and I'm a hundred percent positive you've felt it all too; YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Everyone in this world are facing trials of their own -- your family, your friends, and strangers alike, but more often than not, they are capable only for comfort and empathizing, lacking the strength to actually solve the problem or eliminate the struggle as a whole, seeing that they are only humans after all; and the second I realized that comes the moment when revelation finally brought me the light to accept that only I, only you, can actually overcome the trials faced -- YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHOOSE TO OVERCOME THE TRIALS FACED. Choose to let go of the matters that you don't have control over, because what more is there to do over things we don't know what to do with. Choose to let go of the pain, abuse, and sadness you've experienced in the past, because what more is there to deal with or get frustrated for when it's already happened. Choose to let go of failures, of regret, and of things that are happening right now over which you just can't do anything about, and choose to let God take control of everything -- of your life. Choose to let God pave the way for the best job, the best significant other, the best friends, and the best moments in your life, because He wants nothing, and I mean nothing, but the best for YOU. Choose to let God align what seems like broken relationships, impossible ventures, and hopeless situations; not because you have to, but rather because He can and most definitely, will. LET GO AND LET GOD. HAPPY NEW YEAR! AND HAPPY HUNTING!       Sweater dress - Forever21, bag - Claire's, russian hat - TopShop, thigh highs - Stradivarius

Nature’s Calling

Out of all the millions and millions of articles blasting from the internet, which post is most rampantly shared on social media at the moment because of its highly relevant content and ingenuity in our fast paced lifestyle that's constantly looking for innovation? YUUUUP, LIFE HACKS!  Only, those articles are mostly patterned and targeted for the household, so I'm here to introduce you to a few fashion hacks I've discovered throughout my years of irrevocably and continually falling in love with style!  1. Seen on my blog pictures below, my brown leather jacket was purchased from H&M kids. Try shopping at the kids' department in stores -- chances are, there's a whole variety of irresistibly adorable pieces to choose from, plus, the clothes are a little cheaper in comparison to many; but just make sure to pick up the largest size when you finally decide on what to buy!  2. Also a part of today's #OOTD, my green ruffly top was a bit too revealing on the chest area, so if you ever come across a dilemma like mine, just tie a knot to each spaghetti strap, and VOILA! Job's done!  Yes, I know -- I know what you're thinking, the list's a little too short, but you can stick around and watch out for more fashion hacks next time! HEHEHEHE! HAPPY HUNTING, LOOOOVES! 🙂              I was oblivious to our itinerary to the mountains, hence the pajama pants, but it swept me with just the right temperature of cool breeze, enough to still have me experience Taiwan winter.         Jacket - H&M kids, pajama pants - Own design, top - TopShop, sandals - Zara, bag - claire's 

Pooch in Taipei

When it comes to fashion statements, what ultimately catches my eye when I seam through holiday themed or winter centered media outlets are the strong and bold, voluminous, attention-drawing coats displayed on women, whether it be fashioned on the streets or modeled professionally as layouts for cover pages or for main roles; and what's usually worn underneath are a set of plain neutrals.  So here's the equation: statement coat + neutral (black, white, or gray) tops and bottoms + booties = EXTREMELY FABULOUSLY WINTER READY!  Like Newton's Theory of Relativity, this style equation has saved people time and time again; with its seemingly simple, but powerful formula, hundreds and thousands of citizens are rescued from one fashion dilemma after another and has avoided assault by the fashion police. It has come to be of rescue, two days ago, when I was picking out outfits to wear to Taiwan; seen in the pictures below, I sported a fur, metallic dark green coat over all-black sets. Plus, I also followed the same formula on my trip to Amsterdam seven months ago! 🙂  Remember that formula, keep it locked away in your head, up until your grave! HAHAHAHA!  Happy Hunting!                            Fur coat - H&M, pants - Thrift Bubble, bag - TopShop, boots - flea market, sunnies - black market, black undershirt - Uniqlo

Deck the Heels: Paper Beats Rock

Clearly, the spread of blush pink drawn on my whimsical corporate suit overpowers the gray monotones of the other apparels. The light hues vividly stand out more than the neutral streaks, and metaphorically speaking, in light with the negativity or grays springing from the world -- gray areas as stereotypically shallow as bruising a knee from trying to learn to ride a Hoverboard to as traumatizing as getting betrayed by a dear old friend -- light, in form of love, being dominant or the focus is what we need individually and societally. Although most times, when people talk badly behind our backs, when things inevitably result to the way we didn't expect it to go, or when, all of a sudden, late at night, we feel empty, frustrated; as though feeling tired to keep moving forward in this down-spiraling rut called life, it's beyond difficult, seemingly against all odds, to think of, even more so get a hold of, the good things -- love, joy, and peace -- in life. I know this because I've had people gossip about me, been stuck in sticky situations, and have had gone through a series of remorseful incidents; and let me tell you, I felt hopeless and it never passed my mind to think of positivity. And to top it off, I've also had my brain wired with the notion that the more I offer love to others, the more they take advantage of me or take me for granted (I know I'm not alone in this), but then what we really need to instill in our thinking is that the more we love and share, despite the risks of deeply hurting or the recurring thoughts that other people don't deserve it, the more we feel complete and gain the happiness we've been searching for so long.
Every year during Christmas, we are bombarded by advertisements and banners reminding us that the holidays are entirely about giving; not at all receiving, but amidst the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping and party planning, we tend to overlook or disregard the gift that is within, or paradoxically beyond, the barriers of give and take -- God's very gift that is Christ Jesus who, when we cling to, gets rid of every trace of loneliness, remorse, and confusion. Exactly similar to us, we give without asking for something in return, be it a wad of cash or an exchange, except an acceptance of the gift itself, but as opposed to God, we only hand presents to those we love and to those who we think deserves it -- God does the complete opposite, He willingly and lovingly gives to those who doesn't deserve it, He willing and lovingly gives to us, not because of our deeds or because of who we are, but rather solely because God loves us completely and unconditionally that He does, and He only asks us to accept His gift -- His gift of unconditional love that overcomes all sadness, anger, and pain.
It's true that #LoveWins; #HisLoveWins.
HAVE A MERRY MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY! 🙂 Happy Hunting!    Handbag - PochetteMNL, elephant pants, fedora, and blazer - Zara, cami - Own design, sunnies - Roy&Biv, Heels - Charles&Keith