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YOU’RE NOT ALONE: When You Want to Rekindle Your Relationship With God But Don’t Know Where to Start

Spiritual drought, spiritual thirst, actual drought, actual thirst — both much allegorical to abandonment in a barren wasteland, sans appearances of an oasis and moisture relief from succulents yet likely of its deceptive counterpart that are temporal mirages, so much so leaves one with none other than endless, wayward trudges into absolute nothingness. Illusions and […]

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#BraveTheCity With Urbanize

As far as blog events go, developing eventual relationships level as primary inclination for attending said gatherings. Most organizers provide a very fast- paced, straight-to-the-point set up, but there are also some brands who chose to have closer-knit, let’s-sit-down- and-talk type of get-togethers. This is the kind of event that I attended a few weeks […]

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How I Found My True Match

I’m not at all a makeup junkie so I know a lot less about cosmetics as compared to most, but coming from someone who only takes as much info as results show, I’d have to say, L’oreal’s True Match liquid foundation might just be the best among all I’ve tried. I’ve only tried around four […]

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Calling All My Oily-Prone Skinned Girlies!

I need not emphasize on or narrate, in a descriptive manner, about the current state of Philippine temperature as we’ve all experienced what it means when I say the former, but I’m still going to blab about it anyway! HAHA! Manila weather is undeniably of fluctuating nature, and this is not to speak of intense […]

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8 Things to Tell Yourself When You’re Feeling Insecure

More often than not, we comprehensively blame external forces (in manners of past traumatizing occurrences, an existing prominent influence, and a dominant public) in the thick of experiencing pangs of inferiority and self doubt come instances when the antecedent is what seems as though the only plausible option left for reaction (sample ordeals to be […]

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