Zara X Kyna Gem Christmas Giveaway!!!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas, everybody! And yes, you read that right! I have something for you guys -- a little something my green tuxedoed and bell fringed elves have meticulously wrapped up back in their respective faeries up North, which in their case, takes about a council of 10-12 to execute considering a kin like theirs typically amounts to an average height of more or less a pinky or a thumb, and a little something my herd of reindeers, with Rudolph front and center, are scheduled to transport from the Arctic to handpicked children of good demeanor and outstanding nobility -- HAHAHA! Just kidding! This giveaway is open to all! HAHAHA! But I'd much rather call it a gift than I would a "giveaway", as it unquestionably is a gift I genuinely and wholeheartedly want to give you as a showcase of my love towards and close knit bond among all of you -- I have to say, I've gotten pretty close with some of you guys. img_1312 So before anything, to reiterate, my blog, the High Heeled Hunter, is a channel of being ourselves in a world that's trying to make us like everyone else. We're all unique and unlike any other to begin with; we're all fearfully and wonderfully made. But there implicitly exists a collective body of pressure, especially for us millenials, to reaching a certain number of likes, to looking a certain way regarded as a norm as evasively broadcasted by the media, and to own, know, and much so be all things trendy -- all of which paramount to the expense of either social insecurity or social conformity, lost/broken self esteem and action for mere purpose of acceptance, respectively. More illustratively, it's either we end up feeling inferior and incapable (sometimes scared) or we end up doing things we do for sheer desire of approval and belongingness. But what good is it to the world and to ourselves if we're all the same? What good is it if we can't be a source of light amid darkness? So this is what my blog stands for -- being ourselves in a world that's trying to make us like everyone else; tantamount to living for an audience of One. In conjunction with, here are the mechanics! 1. Comment down below (here or on Facebook) what thing, be it an entity, a person, a place, and basically ANYTHING, that best represents you, not your sister, not your friend, not your celebrity idol, but yourself. What makes you YOU? For example: I like a good mystery, I like shows that make me think; mind bending, mind blowing, mind boggling, whichever, however. And in line with fashion, I like atypical, runway-ready, eccentric, and underrated. I also like the feeling I get whenever I help people and make them feel loved (in my own weird ways, HAHAHA) You may specify as to how many you'd like, sky's the limit! You may also post a picture or a video of what it may be! Just make sure to make your post public so I can see it! 2. Share this blog post to your friends on Facebook, because the more people we reach, the more hearts we touch. That's it! I'll announce the winner on December 17, 2016! And I can't wait to go with 2 of you on a 14k shopping spree, 7k each, at Zara!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, this is, in any way, not sponsored, and I paid with my own money simply because I want it to genuinely come from me. img_1316 Thank you so much for reading and for joining! I really wish I could give you all presents! But who knows, someday I might! You are fearfully and wonderfully made, DRESS LIKE IT! LIVE LIKE IT!


Once upon a time, in a provincial town where grouchy bakers and intimidating landowners lived together in peace and harmony, there lived a fair maiden, sprouting of adolescence, who was as unmindful and naïve as a fly is to the beaming, glorious beauty of a Venus Flytrap, completely unaware of the slander beneath the wondrous façade of its predator – when it comes to cloaks and corsets; although it is the most bewildering of all arrangements as her mother is a renowned dressmaker in the land, the successor of the little damsel’s, though, quite frankly, not in distress, grandmother who also weaved and patterned frilly dresses for wealthy nobles. One fateful noonday, the fair maiden and her two sisters, though most definitely not stepsisters, were dilly-dallying around the local market, passing time before supper starts, prancing about their favorite clothing boutiques – but the little lassie had no interest, none at all, for tunics and clogs; instead, she remains stunned and astonished every time she walks past the boutique selling wind-up planes and carousels, rag dolls and string puppets, including the merchant whom she deems her fairy godmother – except today. Unexpected and completely out of the cards, she took a gamble and decided to tag along with her sisters to their usual trip to the dress shop; and what is even more so unexpected and even more so completely out of the cards, she watchfully eyed the clothing, buttons by ribbons, streaming her fingers down the fabrics of satin and silk – little did she know she’d fall irrevocably head over heels with what she used to heed a dread (which goes without saying, her kin towards fashion is, undeniably, partly a psychological effect materialized and instigated by her line of seamstresses and weavers). And from that day since, every morning, she’d run down the mill across the little prairie to her mother’s shop and sew herself her very own creations; and she lived happily ever after. Now that, my friends, is how I, the fair maiden in the story (HAHAHA! Talk about self-proclamation!), as stated above, fell irrevocably head over heels with fashion – minus the fairytale limelight and Middle Ages, medieval-themed setting, of course! And in lieu with, given my intent adoration for dressmaking (and styling, indisputably), I’M GIVING AWAY TEN OF MY PERSONAL CREATIONS FOR TEN OF YOU GUYS – WITH YOUR NAME ON IT! I’ve always wanted to design something for all of you – something especially made for you, something personal – which is why I’m also having it patterned to your liking – be it a tank, halter-necked, short-sleeved, whatever top you want! And considering my extremely lengthy (I know it’s long because my platform has been giving me warnings, time and time again, about reaching the maximum word limit) and most-times-irrelevant blog posts about nonsense memoirs, existential late night thoughts, dramatic rants, and everything in between; when it should’ve mainly been about designing and styling, you’re all still here despite my relentless yapping, SO THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! AND I CAN’T THANK GOD ENOUGH FOR EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU! [disclaim] Now here are the mechanics for joining!
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  • Share this blog post to your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account and write down who you always wanted to be growing up! Don’t forget to tag with #DesignsByKyna
  • Make sure your posts are public so I can see them.
  • Winners will be privately messaged on June 4, 2016 (EXTENDED)! DON'T FORGET TO TAG ME WHEN YOU WEAR THEM! 🙂
[/disclaim] And that’s it, loves! AGAIN, I LOVE YOU ALL! AND HAPPY HUNTING! img_9350.jpg long sleeved top - My design, balloon skirt - Miss Selfridge, jewelry - Ever New, necklace - LFT, wooden handbag - local souvenir store, heels - Charles&Keith, sunnies - Gucci  

Clothes Buffet Giveaway!

Picture this: you're starving, growling tummy and all, because you haven't eaten all day, and you're set for a dinner buffet at 7, what do you do when you get to the restaurant? Without thinking, you immediately set out for the food counters, unintentionally leaving your clamoring buddies behind, savoring all the chicken mushroom risottos, spaghetti ala napoletanas, deep fried oyster cakes, beef teriyaki sizzling plates, salmon kani rolls, sweet and sour pork with broccolis, steamed red lobster, and clam chowders you can devour in one sitting! And well, the list of gourmet dishes and number of rounds goes on and on, but don't get me started on desserts! Imagine plating all the wide arrays of beautifully arranged delectable cuisines and replace it all with mental pictures of fashion racks laid out with glamorous, top-retailed clothes -- yup, imagine having the liberty to hoard all the sequined tops, floral culottes, tweed jackets, and yellow maxi skirts you set your eyes on! And not to mention, everything it is that is on your wish list! Now let's materialize those imaginations into something feasible -- heeeyup, it's possible and it's a real thing -- the CLOTHES BUFFET! And it's going to happen on November 21-22 at Elements Centris! And what's even more exciting is that they are giving away one free buffet bag for you guys! But that's not at all! Type in KYNA300 on the promo code and get P300 off on your buffet bag! Woohooooo!  Get the chance to grab all the clothes that you can and fit it all into a buffet bag within 20 minutes! Have anything specific in mind you wanna get? If you ask me, I'd probably grab bold, harder-to-find pieces first! I don't know about you, but just thinking about it gets me in the mood to exercise and beat all the other shoppers by sifting faster through one clothing rack after another! Check out my instagram and facebook page and Clothes Buffet's for more details on how to join and enter! See you on the event! HIHI! Good luck on the giveaway and happy hunting! <3  

I Scream for HoneyCreme!

A chocolate-covered mocha brownie frosted atop with gooey layers of melted marshmallow, sprinkled all over with cinnamon dusting and a flambéed peach mango crepe covered in a crisp, semi-burnt coating of butter and sugar sounds a lot like a formula to satisfy a sweet tooth, but that's not all there is to the equation! Honey Creme's delectable choices of soft serve ice cream, coming all the way from Taiwan, has finally hit Philippine stores, and their creamy, not to mention to die for, soft serves drizzled with Affogato coffee, served with a huge cloud of cotton candy, and finished off with a dash of rock salt makes up a complete solution to solve a problem on your sugar obsession! But diving in for the Cotton Candy Affogato alone undoubtedly encompasses both brownie and crepe -- it's an independent formula in itself! 😉 Soooooooo, to commemorate their grand opening this coming Saturday, Honey Creme is giving away ten coupons -- five of you guys are going to win two coupons each! How exciting is that! Check out the High Heeled Hunter's facebook page to join and enter the giveaway! I am so excited! Enjoy your sugar rush and happy hunting!         

High Heeled Hunter Anniversary Giveaway ft. H&M!

ATTENTION!!! ATTENTION!!! To all my lovely readers who's been browsing my pages since day 1 and to everyone who has only logged on right now, WELCOME!!! I'd consider this post a special one, because it's dedicated for you. October 21 marks the date of the High Heeled Hunter's first anniversary and in commemoration of my fashion blog, I am hosting a GIVEAWAAAAY! Two of you guys are going to win an H&M gift card worth 5000 pesos each! And I am over and beyond excited! Here are the mechanics: 1. Like the High Heeled Hunter's Facebook page. 2. Like and share the photo posted in the Facebook page for the anniversary giveaway and tag your shopping buddy too! Hope you guys join! Thank you so much for hunting with me up to this day! And most of all, I praise God for giving me this incredible opportunity to connect with you guys virtually, though not physically, but it's more than enough. To Him be all the praise and glory because where would this blog be if it weren't for Him! So free cheers for Him! And for all of you! Hope you draw more inspiration from my next posts! Enjoy the giveaway and happy hunting!
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and look! Popcorn's inviting you join too! 🙂
On Kyna: Laced top, laced bandage skirt, necklace - H&M, red pumps - What For, Red bag - Aldo
On Popcorn: laced dress - own design, red belt - H&M