Enough about second person narratives and prolonged self-discoursers of metaphors and symbolisms frequently recounted on "About Me" pages, as guilty as I am; rather onto more straightforward things (without compromising relevance, of course) I'm Kyna Gem Sy 19 years old My birthday's on November 25, 1996img_8221.jpg I'm from Manila, Philippines Currently taking up BS Management major in Information Technology Entrepreneurship at the Ateneo de Manila University I'm always curious. I like a good mystery. I like detective stories. I like crime scenes. But I'm no psychopath, I'll tell you that. I like shows that make me think; mind bending, mind blowing, mind boggling, whichever, however. I like connecting the dots, making deductions, and finding out what most don't know. I like logical reasoning, but I'm mostly sentimental. A mixture of both, I like spontaneity, I don't want to know what's coming ahead of me -- i like surprises. 12353230_1646497062290836_183545527_nFor the latter alone, I'm not a big fan of drama -- never cried because of a dramatic rom-com. Titanic's one of my favorite movies, I've watched it for about 10 times and maybe even more, but I’ve never shed a tear. I do like happy endings, and I'm always on the verge of crying (but never an outpour) whenever. I like songs that annotate a beach-like rhythm -- specifically songs by Jack Johnson. Same goes for throwback songs; I'm into slow, cheesy, and melodramatic -- namely by Switchfoot, Westlife, The Fray, Dashboard Confessionals, and basically every garage grounded boy bands way back when! I like One Direction too! Just not as much. I like Jollibee, Cheetos, and anything labeled, "JUNK FOOD." I'm not a big fan of medium rares or of caviars, all of which fancily plated with a leaf of basil or mint. I'm fairly easy to please.
But these are all the basics, more importantly, why do I blog? And even more so important, why should you invest 4 minutes of your time reading it?
We're all the same, we're practically pressured to act, much more be, a certain way, predominantly because of outer factors that influence us to do so. And we do it unknowingly, subconsciously. That's the sad part, I guess. We grow inferior and eventually become obsessed in thinking about what other people think about us. What their opinions are. Naturally, of fear of humiliation and of being outcasted, we put on a mask to gain acceptance of and affirmation from others. Eventually, we end up losing ourselves and being one and the same with rest. But how can we make a difference if we're all the same? How can you be different, take a different path, if we're all the same? What good will it do to the world if we're all the same? What good will it do to your life if you and everybody else are all the same? That, in a nutshell, is basically the reason why I'm blogging -- to be able to encourage my readers, myself included as it is still a struggle for me, to be ourselves in a world that's trying to make us like everyone else. We're all unique, unlike any other, and fearfully made to begin with! 🙂 So, as you scroll through these pages, I only pray we get closer and closer and get to a point of sisterhood where we can simply be ourselves -- think of this website as a place of letting loose, of comfort, of doing what is you've always wanted to do; kind of like a sleepover! Just make sure to message me in private if you have a secret to tell! I promise not to spill! HAHAHA! I LOVE YOU GUYS! <3
P.S. This page may be entitled "About Me", but this blog is not about me; rather it's about you and the Big Man up there -- my Savior, my Redeemer, and Best Friend. 🙂