How I Found My True Match

I'm not at all a makeup junkie so I know a lot less about cosmetics as compared to most, but coming from someone who only takes as much info as results show, I'd have to say, L'oreal's True Match liquid foundation might just be the best among all I've tried. I've only tried around four makeup bases my whole life, but that still accounts for something, right? HAHAHA!" -- what I wrote as an Instagram caption days after trying said product.
And if there's one thing about me I haven't explicitly pointed out when I do product reviews here on my blog or social media caption spiels, it's that I selectively segregate positive product features and accentuate on said ideals, without underlying or tacitly assumed negatives as most commercial ads implicitly do (i.e. Infomercials, disclaimers written in size 2 fonts); in layman's terms, I'm not biased and I'm a hundred percent honest with you guys! 🙂 I absolutely meant it when I said, "L'oreal's True Match liquid foundation might just be the best among all I've tried!" I haven't tried its concealer complement yet, as my mom advised, more so nagged, my sisters and I to finish every makeup bottle we own to the last drop before opening another; but if I finally get around to trying it, I'll be sure to let you guys know again!
So much thanks to BeautyMNL for being my wing-cosmetic-store (get it? HEEHEEHEE) and introducing me my true match! 🙂
If you guys are interested to find your true match and saying bye to your single years forever (but hey, nothing bad with being single, right? SHOUTOUT TO MY SINGLE SISTERS!!!!! HAHAHA!), here are the links for the products:
L'oreal True Match Liquid Foundation (in shade F2):
L'oreal True Match Liquid Concealer:
Here are photos of me wearing aforementioned foundation! (I personally think it provides an adequate supply of coverage with only a single pump!)  

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