Calling All My Oily-Prone Skinned Girlies!

I need not emphasize on or narrate, in a descriptive manner, about the current state of Philippine temperature as we've all experienced what it means when I say the former, but I'm still going to blab about it anyway! HAHA! Manila weather is undeniably of fluctuating nature, and this is not to speak of intense frigidity to its opposite of a forty-degree Celsius extremity, but rather ranges from scorching heat to an even more maximal extreme of a counterpart.

Known all too well by Filipinas, the heat's a dominating, contributing factor for all the sweat shed right after a cold shower, acnes on oil-sensitive skins, and to top it all off, physical exhaustion, energy level drainage, and eventual dehydration; and this is where Maybelline's White Superfresh Powder Foundation comes into the picture! Although it cancels off solutions for predicaments in the latter part of the statement, which goes without saying is a liability on our part, not so much a prerogative but a duty, seeing as we ought to help ourselves in issues relating to individual wellness (e.g. rehydrate, corrective actions), said Maybelline product relieves of acne, dreaded SULA (Sweaty Upper Lip Alert) moments, and unnecessary excretion of facial oil. At least we look good, right? HAHAHA!
But technicalities aside, as tried as it is approved, Maybelline's White Superfresh is, in all honesty, the missing piece of the beauty puzzle for oily-prone skin type ladies! Trust me on this! I actually have dry skin, but I used the powder foundation in areas where oil tends to subdue -- and it works PERFECT!

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    1. Hi Jhanz! Yes, you should! It’s perfect for oily skin! So it’ll definitely work well for you! Though I wouldn’t recommend it for dry skin! 🙂 Let me know how you find it! 🙂

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