What to Wear to Rule Your School Just as Regina George Did

If we were to time travel to an era of insanely enhanced technological advancements (where flying cars are considered conventional) and be able to playback a specific set of episodical memories as valid as it ought to be when witnessed in its actual time frame by means of a binocular-modeled gadget (in retrospect, the same process applies for retrieving long term memory from the hippocampus, though only differing in plausible error and natural design), which scene from the movie "Mean Girls" would you want to rewind and play over and over in terms of resonance and overall impression? (Quick side note: yes, as to why the introduction narrates of distant angles is predominantly influenced by Netflix's sci-fi, intrapersonal-remonstrated "Black Mirror") anyway, back to our gist, personally, the whole rundown on Cady and her friends cutting two round holes on Regina's tanktop as partial phase of their scheme to sabotage the latter's reputation and Regina, with her usual disposition of catching everybody off guard, story characters and moviegoers alike, as indifferent as she is confident, unwaveringly, with head held high, struts along the locker room halls in spite of showcased undergarments, with all eyes glued in awe and in majesty definitely outweighs the rest of the scenes, though ranking only a quarter of an inch apart as all scenes stand at par.
For some people, the Plastics' dance rendition of "Jingle Bell Rock" was their ultimate favorite bit, and to some, the part when Damian and Janice were introducing the Plastics (Karen, Gretchen, and Regina) to Cady, enumerating their respective backstories and current affairs -- but what does all three scenarios have as common ground? A PORTRAYAL OF CONFIDENCE; or rather being confident. Regardless of Regina George and her posse's intimidating semblance which emanates inferiority and insecurity towards those "beneath" them, per se, there prevails an underlying demeanor of confidence, paramount to being one's self, portrayed in all of them -- so much so of being relative to insecurity on their part of the scope but is another story -- that we could all learn from, contrary to what it negatively projects on the surface. So how does Regina George encompass that much confidence? And how can we encompass that same confidence?
I'll tell you one thing, the solution is DEFINITELY not being mean to other girls or acting in such a way that emits a rather superior complex. Trust me, I know! HAHAHA! And I'm gonna let you guys in on a secret -- honestly, I'm not that confident as well, I'm awkward, I'm shy, and I get insecure 99% of the time. But what gets me by is contemplating and reminding myself that whatever it is I do, God is with me, with arms on my shoulders, smiling down at me, and reassuringly saying, "I'm here. You don't have to be afraid." And I know for a fact that you've read this time and time again in personal celebrity interviews and numerous inspirational, self-improving articles, but I'm going to say it again and about a thousand more times over simply because I've gotten a first hand experience -- BE YOURSELF; know what you like, know what you don't, know what you stand for, know what you don't. Not everyone likes how I match my clothes, but I like it -- and that's more than enough to keep me motivated in wearing what I want and how I want it!!! 🙂 not everyone's going to like how you're going to do things or how you are, but it's your life, not theirs! RIGHT?!?! HAHAHAHAHA! Just make sure not to do anything illegal or anything that hurts yourself or others! HAHAHA!
Anywaaaay, so now that we've crossed bullying out of the equation, WHERE DOES REGINA GEORGE GET HER CONFIDENCE??? I'd say she gets it from wearing so much PINK! Just think about it -- if you wear an all pink ensemble or a combination of white and pink, would you feel more confident?
Which is why I've got 6 pink outfits for you to draw inspiration from, cause you know what they say, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, we wear pink!!!
1. For Monday Brave the mundane Mondays with loungewear doubled as casual wear! What I wore for layering is actually a night robe -- the next best thing to the white bed sheets we long for during Mondays!
FullSizeRender(102) IMG_2779
Outfit details: beret - H&M, silk nightgown - SM Woman, sequined top - Topshop, sequins bermudas - Topshop, sunnies - Zara, feathered pouch - Topshop, pumps - SoFab!

2. For Tuesday Pink and white.. you can't beat the classics! Side note: this is actually from a post published two years ago! HOW TIME FLIES!!! _JSY0609 _JSY0607
3. For Wednesday Wednesday is the official pink day!! Clad in all pink!
FullSizeRender(97) FullSizeRender(98)
Outfit details: laced layeriing - Forever21, loose top - Forever21, pajama pants - Zara (i cut it short), neck scarf - H&M, sunnies - Zara, loafers - Zara
4. For Thursday Those school cafeteria carbs (IS BUTTER A CARB?) ain't gonna lose themselves!!!
IMG_3001 FullSizeRender(100)
Outfit details: cap - Forever21, sneakers - Zara, bomber - Shane's, ballerina tulle skirt - #DesignsByKyna, camisole - Uniqlo
5. For Friday Dress + blazer combo = the perfect after school shopping outfit!
IMG_2081 FullSizeRender(103)
Outfit details: fur scarf - Zara, blazer - H&M, lace dress - Miss Selfridge, loaders - Zara
6. For Saturday Being a queen bee doesn't only apply in bounds of school!
IMG_3002 IMG_3004 FullSizeRender(101)
Outfit details: fur coat - SheIn, necklace - Mom's, ranger hat - H&M, 80s camisole - Miss Selfridge, pleated midi skirt - #DesignsByKyna, laced up pumps - Zara, metal purse - Miss Selfridge
Hope you had fun reading this blog post! It's meant to be taken lightly, and I do hope you understood the underlying message to all of this! 🙂 BE CONFIDENT! NOT MEAN! That's all there is to being a "queen bee"! BWAHAHAHA! I love you sissies!!!

16 Replies to “What to Wear to Rule Your School Just as Regina George Did”

  1. LOVED THIS KYNA! i love how you input inspirational messages in your posts 🙂 and you’re definitely right about standing my ground being the key to confidence 🙂

    1. I thought your name was shakira! I had to look twice! HAHAHAHA! And thank you so much Shaira! it means a lot to me that you read my blog, word per word. And I’m happy that I’m able to give back to you for all that you’ve been giving to me (LOVE AND SUPPORT)! 🙂

  2. I was a little baffled with your title at first, thought it was unlike you to post something about Regina George and what they encouraged. SO HAPPY I CHOSE TO READ THIS EVEN SO. 🙂 Thanks Miss Kyna for this post 🙂

    1. HAHAHAHA! I had to reel you guys in first so you could actually read the actual message! And I’m SO SO SO SO happy you took the time to read it!!! <3 knowing that you guys read my content puts me on cloud nine 🙂

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