What to Wear to Have All Eyes On You When You Walk Into the Room

Imagine this: as you step inside the marble pavemented, high-ceilinged infrastructure similar to that of Greek temples from bird's eye view, facilitated to hold a function for an awards night gala, everybody, paparazzi's, A-list media spokesmen, and top notch celebrities alike, service caterers and caviar attendants included, either drops their respective affairs or holds their gaze for a good five second suspension, to the extent of hallucination akin to slow motion scenarios of romantic, boy-meets-girl sitcoms, the moment they see you walk down the chandelier-lit staircase adorning an ethereal, voluminous, hand crafted gown -- a piece so mesmerizing, it left Saab and Gucci out of the picture. We want that; but possibly with less exaggeration, less onlooker quantity, and less concentration, but the gist all the same. To put it out there, more often than not, we inherently associate attention with character flaws concerning self absorbency, pessimism, egocentricity, and that of negatives, predominantly caused by our subliminal selves in effect to prior influences, but studies show that we all, introverts and extroverts alike, all sixteen Myer Brigg's personalities included, want attention; and as a matter of fact, we need it -- just not in the extent of surpassing, or reaching, extremes. A split second or two, or an unexpected fifteen, of undivided attention translates into a language of affirmation and value, which needless to say is what we were naturally designed to get, as well as give; but what we fall trap to is unintended dependence towards the antecedent, that of which is either brought about by or brings about insecurity. But let's focus more on former seeing as I've talked a lot about insecurity discrepancies, acknowledgment, and victories in my previous blog posts! Again, as a disclaimer, this post is not, in any way, to promote, much less encourage, reliance on attention, or lack thereof, for identity establishment and other repercussions directed likewise, but rather is simply AN ARTICLE FOR FUN! HAHAHA! So now, let's get started on attaining our much deserved 10 second spotlight (out of our lifelong 22,075,000 -- yes, I googled!)
  1. Wear something shineeeey! Cause you'd rather be shineeeeeyy!
SHOUTOUT TO MY SECOND FAVE CHARACTER IN DISNEY'S MOANA!!! Maui's my top pick, of course! img_2885 img_2884 Outfit details: blazer - Forever 21, headpiece - Claire's, top - Top Shop, scarf - Forever21, A-line skirt - Top Shop, sequined platforms - Miss Selfridge, clutch bag - Ever New
  1. Personalized anything is a definite showstopper -- TRUST ME!
You can personalize just about anything -- your bags, shoes, and old clothes! Watch how I painted my pair of dungarees and maybe you can get some ideas on how you can start working on your very own one-of-a-kind DIY project! img_2361 img_2362   img_5212 Outfit details for look 1: off shoulders - Zara, dungaree - Stradivarius, coat - Primark, choker - LFT, sandals - Charles&Keith, headpiece - #DesignsByKyna
  1. Turn heads with all black!
Just think of it, when someone enters the room in an all black ensemble, won't you stare in awe? IMG_1436 _MG_3432 _JSY0780 1
  1. Stick to a theme and you'll have all eyes sticked to you!
Here's a little story, i wore this native inspired ensemble to Baguio (a mountain province here in the Philippines) as my little way to show appreciation for their tribal culture and as an excuse to wear my ethnic printed piece -- so throughout the day, I've been noticing head turns from everyone, and I really do mean everyone, on instances I walk by or step into range. But I'd be willing to bet their reason of recognition stems from a sense of "ang weirdo naman nito" as opposed to my anticipated reaction HAHAHAHAHA! There was also an incident wherein a little girl was gesturing towards her younger sister to look at me -- though I'm not entirely sure if I'd feel flattered or humiliated; but realistically speaking, the latter deems more rational. HAHAHA! img_2472 img_2477 So if you want to try experimenting with themes without looking nine months early for Halloween, incorporate casual pieces with those in accordance to your selected motif, so to speak. I'd bet something Victorian or of relative to ballet would look cute! Outfit details: vest - Zara, top - Black market (GREENHILLS), bandage skirt - Zara, sling - Aranaz, sandals - Zara, Fez cap - boutique in Greenbelt carrying unique finds (SORRY! TOTALLY FORGOT THE NAME OF THE STORE!)
  1. Now they don't call it statement piece for nothing!
Wear one and you'll be quite the head turner! IMG_7808 img_2567.jpg FullSizeRender(49)
Mix and MATCH and have all eyes LATCHed on to you (HAHAHAHA! I tried!) Fashion faux pas? I THINK NOT! img_2883 fullsizerender img_5442 Outfit details for look 1: camo jacket - Forever21, balloon skirt - #DesignsByKyna, top - Zara, cap - my dad's (HAHAHA), sneakers - Dogo Hope you guys had a good read! And found this post helpful in one way or another! I genuinely want to create an ambiance for us to vulnerably talk and open up to one another, to share secrets with each other! So if you've got questions, outfit dilemmas, or anything really, just let me know!!! we're sisters, after all! 🙂 I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH, I MEAN IT!

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    1. WAAAAA! THANK YOU CLARISSA!!!!! THIS MEANS SOOOOO MUCH TO ME!!! And I’m sure, in turn, you’ll be inspiring thousands of other people out there!!! Thanks again, Clarissa! <3 :'(

  1. I REALLY LOVE HOW YOU MIX PRINTS! 🙂 i need all my courage to have the guts to wear something like that — but i’ll do it anyway

    1. Thank you Sharleen! HUHUHUHUHUHU! This is so touching!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! And yes! you can definitely work it!!! Just be yourself and dress however you wanna dress, and you’ll nail it for sure!

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