Confessions of a Fashion Blogger

They say, "There's more than meets the eye." As a fashion blogger, there exists implicit rules of thumb to act, much so look, a certain standard, tantamount to a standpoint as overt and public as a celebrity putting on a show in front of an audience and likewise a standpoint as intimate and personal as one (e.g. the average Joe, plain Jane) putting on a show, in the figurative sense, to experience a seemingly worthwhile five second spotlight brought about by class onlookers. Turn it all around, shake it all about, do the hokey pokey, it's still the same banana -- we're ALL pressured to reach a particular standard, especially us millenials, in terms of reaching a certain number of likes on social platforms, to looking a certain way regarded as a norm as evasively broadcasted by the media, and to own, know, more so be all things trendy. Chances are we become who we aren't. So here's me, taking a stand and showing all of you guys who I am as a blogger and more importantly as myself. GET READY FOR SPOOFS, CONFESSIONS, AND BLOOPERS OF WHAT REALLY HAPPENS BEHIND THE SCENES! Hopefully, this makes you smile too!!! HAHAHA! •The average ratio of disheveled and hideous snapshots taken of me during photo ops versus a fairly tolerable set is around a rough estimate of a fifty to a one with the former leveraging on a high level of probability on increasing to a seventy. Now I feel bad for my dad, my sister, my friends, and Ate Lea -- they have to deal with my constant whining of taking another round of photos, ONE. AFTER. ANOTHER. HAHAHAHA! img_6521 fullsizerender96 img_7522 •I get most of my shots in front of random people's homes. Just like in the photos. And I get extreeemely anxious every single time I do so, since I have had countless awkward moments wherein the home owner walks in on me posing in front of his/her house! And here's the worse part, the moment he/she catches me redhanded, we have about three to five seconds of INTENSE eye contact -- and here I am frantically going nuts in my head thinking how embarrassing and shameful (and basically every single word in the dictionary that means AWKWARD) I am, while the home owner's probably thinking, "SINO BA TONG BALOT NA BALOT NA TO NA NAGPPICTURE SA BAHAY KO?!?!" Anyway, I summon every ounce of courage i have left to create a persuading natural smile and take off! So now, the moment I hear the slightest bit of sound, I run straight across the street! And pretend like I'm simply strolling around the block HAHAHAHAHAHAHUHUHUHUHU img_54491 img_8430.jpg IMG_1853 •When deadline dues for blog related projects are at a close distance and getting the pictures ready for post processing or approval is hanging by a thread, also taking into consideration an underlying, yet plausibly the most influential, factor of me getting up on the lazy side of the bed, I have my pictures taken at the comforts of my home. HAHAHAHA! But of course, without sacrificing quality at its optimum (hopefully) HEHEHE! So next time you see a post with pictures filled with cameos of fixtures and adobe bricks unfocused on the background, you'll know why 😉 HAHAHAHA! Although I'm not entirely sure if disclosure would bring me at a disadvantage, but hey, I'm telling you guys anyway! _JSY0490 THIS IS PART OF THE LIVING ROOM! 🙂 img_52111 THIS IS THE ENTRYWAY -- ALSO HAS GOOD LIGHTING! HAHAHA! Processed with Snapseed. THIS IS OUR BACKYARD! 🙂 •Relative to the confession above, my ultimate favorite shooting ground here at home is our garage! IT HAS THE BEST, AND I MEAN THE BEST, LIGHTING IN THE WORLD! Aside from shooting a raw set up, I also plaster huge pieces of colored construction paper across the wall to create the illusion of a new backdrop! HEHEHEHE! So if you guys ever need a photo studio, just let me know and I'll hook you up! Processed with Snapseed. Processed with Snapseed. THIS IS OUR GARAGE!!! 🙂 img_1330 SO THIS IS THE "PHOTO STUDIO" fullsizerender95 AND THE FINAL EDITED PICTURE!!! 🙂 NOT BAD FOR A PIECE OF PAPER! 🙂 •You see the pair of pumps I'm wearing? They're actually a couple of inches high. And unmentionably, they get extremely uncomfortable and painful to walk in considering a whole day of visiting tourist sites and catching one train after the other. So what I did was -- i bought myself a pair of slippers at a local souvenir store; put it on and took it off whenever I wanted to get my picture taken! AND I WANTED TO GET MY PICTURE TAKEN A LOT OF TIMES. Imagine the locals' horror as they see a little foreign girl barefoot, struggling to put on her metallic shoe HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Talk about fabulous! Oh the things I do for you.. HAHAHAHUHUHU! IMG_1431 IMG_1433 •The necklace I'm wearing actually hits right below my collarbone -- a few months back, I tried it on to see how it looked together with the whole ensemble, and it looked extremely, and I mean extreeeemely, lousy and unfitting! It just didn't look good! Soooo, what I did was, I clipped on a huge hair accessory to tie both ends of the necklace together and turned it into a choker! AND VOILA! HAHAHAHA! Good thing it stayed in tact the whole time! So, lesson of the story: buy yourself a good hair accessory! You'll never know when you're gonna need it! •I DON'T KNOW HOW TO POSE; I'M AWKWARD. And more often than not, the people taking my photos are the ones directing the poses I strike onscreen, gesturing demure hand positions as opposed to my naturally stiff build and portraying body angles and face tilts for me to easily imitate. HAHAHAHAHAHA! What can I say, I'm a noob! FullSizeRender(55) FullSizeRender(36) img_2648.jpg REALLY HOPE YOU LIKED THIS BLOG POST! HIHIHIHI! Tune in for a "Life of a Fashion Blogger pt. 2" soon!!! I luv ya, guys! 🙂

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  1. The WHITE PAPER is the BOMB I’d never thought of that HAHAHA 😀 I wonder how you pose for the picture in their :)) and STRUGGLE is REAL but it brings out a GREAT PRODUCT after the hard work 🙂


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