Zara X Kyna Gem Christmas Giveaway!!!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas, everybody! And yes, you read that right! I have something for you guys -- a little something my green tuxedoed and bell fringed elves have meticulously wrapped up back in their respective faeries up North, which in their case, takes about a council of 10-12 to execute considering a kin like theirs typically amounts to an average height of more or less a pinky or a thumb, and a little something my herd of reindeers, with Rudolph front and center, are scheduled to transport from the Arctic to handpicked children of good demeanor and outstanding nobility -- HAHAHA! Just kidding! This giveaway is open to all! HAHAHA! But I'd much rather call it a gift than I would a "giveaway", as it unquestionably is a gift I genuinely and wholeheartedly want to give you as a showcase of my love towards and close knit bond among all of you -- I have to say, I've gotten pretty close with some of you guys. img_1312 So before anything, to reiterate, my blog, the High Heeled Hunter, is a channel of being ourselves in a world that's trying to make us like everyone else. We're all unique and unlike any other to begin with; we're all fearfully and wonderfully made. But there implicitly exists a collective body of pressure, especially for us millenials, to reaching a certain number of likes, to looking a certain way regarded as a norm as evasively broadcasted by the media, and to own, know, and much so be all things trendy -- all of which paramount to the expense of either social insecurity or social conformity, lost/broken self esteem and action for mere purpose of acceptance, respectively. More illustratively, it's either we end up feeling inferior and incapable (sometimes scared) or we end up doing things we do for sheer desire of approval and belongingness. But what good is it to the world and to ourselves if we're all the same? What good is it if we can't be a source of light amid darkness? So this is what my blog stands for -- being ourselves in a world that's trying to make us like everyone else; tantamount to living for an audience of One. In conjunction with, here are the mechanics! 1. Comment down below (here or on Facebook) what thing, be it an entity, a person, a place, and basically ANYTHING, that best represents you, not your sister, not your friend, not your celebrity idol, but yourself. What makes you YOU? For example: I like a good mystery, I like shows that make me think; mind bending, mind blowing, mind boggling, whichever, however. And in line with fashion, I like atypical, runway-ready, eccentric, and underrated. I also like the feeling I get whenever I help people and make them feel loved (in my own weird ways, HAHAHA) You may specify as to how many you'd like, sky's the limit! You may also post a picture or a video of what it may be! Just make sure to make your post public so I can see it! 2. Share this blog post to your friends on Facebook, because the more people we reach, the more hearts we touch. That's it! I'll announce the winner on December 17, 2016! And I can't wait to go with 2 of you on a 14k shopping spree, 7k each, at Zara!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, this is, in any way, not sponsored, and I paid with my own money simply because I want it to genuinely come from me. img_1316 Thank you so much for reading and for joining! I really wish I could give you all presents! But who knows, someday I might! You are fearfully and wonderfully made, DRESS LIKE IT! LIVE LIKE IT!

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  1. I love cooking but cooking does not love me back I also love to play volleyball ❀️ It has been a part of me since I was in 2nd year high school and it will continue to be a part of me until my back and legs give up on me

  2. I think this is the best thing that represents me.. I’d have to say that I am most like a power line. I have a lot of energy most of the time, but as an introvert, that energy is not my decision. I get my energy from an external source (usually a period of social isolation does the trick), and if the energy isn’t “turned on” there will be no energy for me to use. ..This clearly parallels the sort of thing a power line does. There is no electrical energy in a power line unless the source of the power is working correctly/ providing the line with power.
    The opinions and people I care about are very important to me. I will burn anyone who doesn’t respect the principles and people I love (they don’t have to agree, but they have to be considerate and have some respect for what I value).. Similar to a power line, I thrive in the presence of structure. I do my best work when there is a solid, structured framework beneath me. I am resilient and very conductive. I am a good leader and transfer my enthusiasm to others. .. Just like a power line, if I get too close to someone who is very similar to me, there will be sparks. For whatever reason, I don’t get along splendidly with people who are carbon copies of myself. ..

  3. Congrats Kyna! Another good read from you! Well, me I like a toque. I like cooking for my family and cooking makes me happy. I can wear this invisible toque of mine even if im not a chef. I can be my own chef. Teeheee

  4. Hi! I like to think that Ariel, the little mermaid, represents me best. I relate to her sense of wonder and adventure as she travels the seas and the human world. I also relate to how Ariel pushed for her dreams and didn’t let anything stop her from achieving them. She also represents me best because she represents that the most powerful asset of a woman is her voice πŸ™‚

  5. ENTRY #2 (my first entry is in fb)

    The object I chose to represent me is a penny because some people think they’re worthless but when added up its worth something more. Each penny stands for a positive quality that i potray so when you put it together that is what makes me

  6. ENTRY #3

    Graduation cap..

    Because having a graduation cap reminds of success and Being successful is what i intend to be in life.

  7. BAMBOO – I may look weak outside but my inner self is a fighter . There are times that life challenges me -I feel down and regretful – but I know I will stand still and continue the battle like a bamboo tree which bends during heavy rains / windy seasons but manages to straighten up on sunny days. πŸ™‚
    I love to learn a lot and read facts like bamboo’s hole that is willing to fill up new discoveries and knowlegde to find wisdom. As bamboo is one of the fast-growing trees , I am also thirsty to find ways I can learn and grow in my chosen field .
    I am flexible to new missions life wants me to accomplish , for the reason that, my foundation (bamboo’s root) is stronger than my fears ^_^
    Shared Blog :

  8. There’s no need to think deeper. Haha. Upon reading the question, I have a lot of answers in my mind, but what came first is of couse, no other than but my child. I have written my comment in your fb post (fb name: Mokona Modoki Chan) about my little one as the best representation of myself. But what is on the second list is a RED LIPSTICK. As fierce as what it gives, I am really an “Iron Lady” with a very strong personality. Aside from always wearing it cause it is really my favorite shade, there’s deeper meaning behind it. Some of my friends always tell me to stop portraying such a strong character because some people who do not know me might misinterpret my fierceness. I value their opinion but I just can’t let go of that character. My reason is not because I am really strong like what they think. What they didn’t know is that I am trying to cover up the weakness I have been hiding. So dear friends, if you are reading this, now you know! Haha. So just let me wear my favorite red lipstick. Mwah.

  9. Beach is the place that best describe me as a young yet matured lady. It may look loud and full of adventure but it also have these tranquility and calmness which can be sensitive to everything else. Just like myself, I’m an ambivert. I may be clamorous and tough for all the challenges in life but deep inside I’m also sensible to all soft,gentle and serene memories and thing in life. In line with my fashion instincts, just like the ocean, you’ll see my style depending on my mood. I can be deep or high, wearing high couture pieces where its like I’m coming out from a fashion editorial with full of suprises. I can also be low, just laid back dressing, comfortable, simple yet still so trendy. Beach is my happy place wherein I can be the best of myself, always ❀️

    Thank you so much Kyna and Happy Holidays

  10. Basketball best represents me. I really love playing basketball since I was a kid and this really moulded my character. Like basketball, it has victory and defeat and I have experienced that in school, in friendship, in love, in my career. There are lots of hits and misses in my life and like basketball the more I spend time practicing my shooting, it is like moulding my character then I can the be the best player I can be. In this sport, you can learn offense and defense and that is really applicable to my life. There are people who will cheer and boo for you, it is like at the end of the day how you react with the game really matters. Basketball is my game and this is really me.

  11. The best represents me is my comfort food – Macaroni Soup. I am a mixture of different ingredients. I have my soft and tough spot, and I am colorful like the the greens, peas, meat, and vegetables on it. Sometimes I am overcooked and reached my boiling point but still can get over it. There are times that I am half-cooked and that is the area wherein I know I need more maturity, understanding and rooms for misses. But with the right ingredients, right temperature, with a pinch of salt and pepper which is the help of the people around me I can bring comfort to everyone and be their food staple. I can adjust to situations and like a soup more ingredients can be added so that it can be tasteful.

  12. The word that could best represent me is LOVE.
    My friends and loved ones have given me their unconditional love and supported me all the way. Because of that, I want to give back and share my love to the people out there in any way I want even if it may seem crazy and weird.. As long as I could put a smile in their face in any crazy way I do even if it was meant as a prank, that is enough for me~ A simple smile would do!

    Every smile I could put in their faces mean so much to me! You could say it means the world to me. I want to influence others the love and happiness people bring to me in their own little way by sharing the love and keeping it alive! πŸ™‚

  13. My STRETCH MARKS and my TINY SCARS. These may be some of my FLAWS but they represent my entirety as a person. They have shaped me. These stands for all the things i’ve gone through and will have to go through. They basically are the marks of how much ups and dows i have surpassed.

  14. Hi Miss Kyna! I think the best thing that represents me is a Sunflower. This is the first thing that comes into my mind while reading your post because for me just seeing a sunflower brightens ones day. It’s very therapeutic and I think it really fits me since I’m a positive and outgoing person. I always believe that positivity is the key to happiness. It also means appreciating and being contented on everything I have and sharing what I have to others. Be a blessing to others. Just like my parents are always telling me, ”the more we share, the more we have.” And even on the darkest days of my life, I will stand tall and find the sunlight. God is my Sun. I depend on him to light and guide my way and I believe that everything happens in God’s perfect time. If you are having a hard time, just pray and talk to β€œhim” I know that he will answer you. Hihi tried and tested. But I will use those dark moments of my life to grow, not to break/weaken me but to strengthen me, to be the best person that I can be. Trials are just part of life, it depends on us on how we are going to handle it. Just like a Sunflower, always look at the brighter side of life. There’s more to life. *cheers* Hoping you could pick me but if not I’m still grateful for the opportunity to join this gift/giveaway. Take care always and have a good day Miss kyna! Thank you and Godbless.

  15. First off: such a genuinely cool website, keep it up .
    What best represents me is my name: Amina. It means trustworthy and I’ve lived with intent of upholding and honouring my name my whole life. The greatest trait I value in any relationship is loyalty, which I think goes hand in hand with being trustworthy.
    In a more materialist light, my Polaroid represents me! I like to capture moments of my life and the people and things that surround it. Looking back the the adventures and pictures I’ve taken with my Polaroid is simply super gratifying and humbling.

  16. Hi again Miss kyna! I wanted to meet you. This is my second comment. I think aside from a sunflower, I’m also a dog. Because dogs are loyal just as me loyal to those people who are important to my life. And dogs will be beside you through thick and thin, through ups and down of your life, through good times and bad times, this is me when it comes to my family and friends I will be beside them because just being beside them, I know it will help them to get through whatever problems they are facing so that they will not feel that they are alone. Even if sometimes those people who are close to me are taking me for granted because they know that I’ll always be there for them.Β  I have unconditional love for my family and I’ll do everything to protect my family from harm. Can’t wait for you to announce the winner. Thank you Miss Kyna! I know whoever will win this gift of yours will be deserving. Have a good day and Godbless!

  17. I like artsy. I like arts. I like art materials. I like paints and water colors and colored pencils and brushes. I think that these things best describe me because I love putting my imagination into pictures. I really love colors. I think I am a mixture of arts. Sometimes colorful, sometimes dull, sometimes bright, sometimes only black and white, But I am always a piece of exquisite art.

    1. YES! You are a masterpiece!!!!! πŸ™‚ and high five girlfraaand!!! I LOVE PAINTING TOO!!! πŸ™‚ let’s paint together sometime? πŸ™‚

  18. Hello Kyna! Let me first say as a fellow blogger that I admire your passion when it comes to your blog entries. I love how creative you are and how you use your own way in inspiring the youth of today. ❀️ As a photographer, I choose to let a camera represent me. I am a paradox, such as a camera. A camera is sturdy yet when it falls too fast, it breaks. The lens of the camera represents my view in life. Sometimes, life gets too blurry. Many things happen. It’s hard for a camera to take the picture, but if you adjust your focus, then you can take the perfect shot.

    1. Thank you Esther!!! Your comment means so much to me! πŸ™‚ and I couldn’t agree more on your stance of adjusting one’s perspective admist trouble πŸ™‚ it changes everything! Especially when it’s directed towards more love and peace in ourselves and in others πŸ™‚

  19. I like rock music. It helps me to overcome my depression and know my real self. Every lyrics of my favorite song Every Little Thing by Dishwalla defines who I am. I want attention and feel loved by my family, friends and special someone. I also like romantic comedy films. It makes me super happy and lessen my sadness. I love chocolates and soda too. They helped me to released my stress in life. Lastly, I love cosplaying. I met many friends because of this hobby. I wish I could go back again if I’m not busy because I’m taking care of my 1 yr. old cute baby now.

    1. Depression’s tough, but tough in itself isn’t able to suffice and do the pain justice, believe me I know. If you want someone to talk to, message me on facebook! πŸ™‚ i reply within minutes, I promise! i’d love to stay up and chat with you especially since what you’re currently going through has been a problem of mine before πŸ™‚ We love you! Your friends and family love you! Our Creator loves you! And you are not alone πŸ™‚

  20. I am just a young girl with a big heart I always do something I love πŸ™‚ Like I love to sing and dance ✩ Also I like eating sweets , going out with my family , buying some new clothes . Just a typical girl πŸ™‚ For me that was the best thing to describes me . Do what makes you happy! πŸ™‚

  21. I am just a young girl with a big heart I always do something I love πŸ™‚ Like I love to sing and dance ✩ Also I like eating sweets , going out with my family , buying some new clothes . Just a typical girl πŸ™‚ For me that was the best thing to describes me . And do what really makes you happy! πŸ™‚

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