What to Wear When You Don’t Know What to Wear

img_5212Too familiar a routine and too occasional a situation -- every morning, or every single time demanded, as we groggily gaze blankly straight towards our wardrobe cabinets come deciding what to wear, while seated perched across our piles of what seemingly is an endless pit of stacked garments of nothingness, we think to ourselves, "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!"; for need of stronger emphasis, in Tagalog, "WALA NA AKONG DAMIT!!!" -- which, needless to say, I catch myself saying one too many times and a hundred times over! And I'd bet all out you do too! Which goes without saying that try as we might, so long as cramming's concerned, we'll always fall and stumble back into terms with the perpetual humdrum that is our morning routine, granting flying to the Bahamas or to the Northern lights, much less a date. But opposite our mindsets, running out of clothes, in the literal sense, most probably rests on a one to a thousand ratio, while lacking ideas, likewise our standardized set of creatives (e.g. our perception of labeling every piece of apparel we own, among a hundred others, "old" albeit purchasing said garments only a few weeks ago and only wearing it once), falls on the former's contrary, a ratio of a thousand to one; ergo this blog post. To broader and simpler matters, the 75 worded sentence stated above basically means -- we think we've ran out of pieces to wear and jump into conclusions of needing new ones, when in fact, WE HAVE SO MUCH TO WEAR AND ALL WE REALLY NEED TO DO IS REVAMP, RESTYLE, AND REINVENT! But docha worry, I gotchu covered fam (really, i love ya gals HUHU)! HAHAHA! On a side note, basing from the data I gathered from some of my readers and personal preferences alike, here's a list of what we usually opt for as alternatives when we just "don't have anything to wear":
  • Dresses
  • A pair of jeans
  • Anything denim
  • Pajama pants
  • A fuzzy sweater/jacket
With that being said and taking the underlying problem of our lack of fresh ideas of which is disguised as "nothing to wear", here are 5 fresh ideas, both prêt–à–porter and DIYs, you can try out for yourself so as to get rid of your daily fashion woes!
  1. Plan ahead and paint your denims!
Perfect for summer vacation, trips abroad, and basically for when you just want something new! img_5213 img_52111 Outfit details: blouse - H&M, dungarees - Zara, paint job - #DesignsByKyna, pumps - So Fab!, sunnies - Zara
  1. Say hello to patches and its cousin -- PINS! PLAY WITH THEM!
Mobility is your BFF here! Whenever you're stuck on stylist's block, grab your pins and stick em' all over your trusty white shirt and you're good to go! img_52231 img_52247 IMG_1857 Outfit details: denim jacket - &NOW, pins - flea market, neck scarf - #DesignsByKyna, lace ups - Adidas, top - Primark, cap - flea market, mini skirt - Billabong, patch work - #DesignsByKyna
  1. Wear neutrals!
It's true what they say -- you can never go wrong with neutrals! img_51531 img_9272.jpg outfit details: beanie - Zara, joggers - Zara, sweater - H&M, mini duffel - Marc Jacobs, running shoes - New Balance
  1. Coordinate similar colors!
Blue, blue, and blue! Green, green, and green! Yellow, yellow, and yellow! You get the gist!
  1. Layer a sweater over a dress!
We always opt for dresses when we just can't find anything to wear, but we can't always be caught wearing the same tunic everyday! Which is where sweaters come in! #OurHero img_5221 img_52201   Outfit details: sweater - Forever21, laced dress - Miss Selfridge, pumps - So fab!, handbag - Prada, headpiece - Forever21
Hope you had gained a little insight on what to wear tomorrow or next week! And tune in for a time lapse of the whole process on painting my pair of dungarees! HAPPY HUNTING!

20 Replies to “What to Wear When You Don’t Know What to Wear”

    1. Awww, thankyou Dovie! This means the world to me <3 it's amazing how, in one way or another, I've made an impact on your life be it in fashion, life, and in the littlest things such as time management. It's simply amazing. 🙂

    1. Thanks Amy!! So happy you loved them! <3 I made them specifically to cater to differing style preferences, but of course, still staying true to my own. <3

  1. I really couldn’t agree more, girlie! There have been a number of times when I stare into my closet, thinking I have nothing to wear when trying to get ready to go somewhere. Then, when I’m cleaning my closet or putting clothes away, I look and think, wow, I have a lot of clothes! Haha! It all comes down to being creative, like you’ve mentioned, to create new looks with older pieces. I love your dungarees, you’re so talented with your designs and those shoes are awesome! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have the best week ahead, beauty!



    1. Definitely! Countless times of the same repeated cycle going over and over! And yes! that’s the fun part! Mixing and matching to make old things look new again! 🙂 I guess that’s the beauty of it! Something we tend to overlook, unfortunately 🙁 HIHIHI! THANKS JALISA!!! YOU SHOULD GO PAINT YOUR DUNGAREES TOO!!! <3

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