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fullsizerender69Roughly about a week ago, as I was sketching design drafts, I stumbled across my skeletal drawings from when I was still practicing body frame illustrations, and I thought, "NO ONE CAN EVER SEE THIS! IT LOOKS TERRIBLE!" The rough sketches resembles that of a martian, an unknown specie yet to be discovered, and in a more rabid sense, dissected. (ANUDAW?) HAHAHA! Anyway, back to my story, I thought, "Was I really going to be pretentious and put up a fabricated facade of me being this naturally gifted, professional designer when all the while, I've been practicing for months and months, which at the very least, contributed to my still amateur drawing of a body frame, and also taking into consideration my adamant campaigning for disregarding what other people think, for living for an audience of One, and for not being afraid to be different (or make mistakes) yet still have the audacity to do otherwise?" fullsizerender75 NO!!! Absolutely not! As tempting as it is guaranteed, it only fosters for an environment of fraud and artificiality, an environment invoked for pleasing others, myself included. And dependent on varying situations, I know we've all had our fair share of attempts to simulate a rather "better" and far less authentic version of ourselves in order to uphold a certain, and no less illusive, reputation in the minds of others. We all want to look good in the eyes of people, who doesn't, right? But as it develops into a lifestyle, we lose ourselves in the process too! fullsizerender72 fullsizerender71 In line with attempting to draw croquis, I'm still bad at it, still in the process of achieving Madame Versace's graceful strides, so what I do instead is trace the body frame and draw the rest of the targeted ensemble from there! 🙂 i love opening up to you guys, being vulnerable and au naturel, so to speak. HAHAHA! Have a great week and happy hunting! 🙂 fullsizerender76 ALL NOTEBOOKS ARE FROM SCHUTZEN! 🙂 AVAILABLE IN NBS, POWERBOOKS, AND FULLYBOOKED!

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  1. You’re so right, girlie, I feel it’s become so much more of a challenge to be original and true to ourselves, which should be quite natural, but in today’s world and social media, it’s easy to feel as though we’re not good enough. There’s a fine line between finding inspiration in someone and wanting to become that person or have their image, it’s a line that needs to be monitored and acknowledged because like you said, we can then lose ourselves in the midst of that “inspiration.” Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have the best week ahead!



    1. THAT IS INSANELY TRUE!!!!! And I’m not gonna lie, there are days when it’s tempting to fake it, like when I was in the process of writing this blog post. But then, it’s a choice we have to make in hopes that when we do, we’d find more satisfaction and appreciation towards ourselves! 🙂

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