How to Style Your Old Formal Dresses to Make Them Look More Casual

School soirees, cocktail parties, grand family reunions, sweet sixteens, debut celebrations, formal banquets -- we've all been there, but what's the one thing, aside from experiential occurrences, all of which have in common in terms of executing a certain preliminary routine set before said events? DRESS SHOPPING, OF COURSE! But subsequently, as the much anticipated, Oscar-regarded event all dwindles down to its post-festivity humdrum, so does our silk, sequin-studded dusty rose of an evening dress find its home in the back of our closets, never to be taken out to a night gala of sparkling wine and fancy-plated, mini croissants ever again. But are we all seriously just going to sulk, or in most cases, stay indifferent as our dresses fade away into clothing oblivion of what is an indirect translation to donation or charitable contingencies as a last resort or forced grant, with, of course, taking into account a remaining desire for the clothing item? OR DO WE FIND OTHER CRAFTY WAYS TO STYLE OUR OLD, FORMAL DRESSES AND REVAMP THEM INTO MORE CASUAL FRIENDLY PIECES? I'D SAY LET'S GO FOR THE LATTER! 🙂 1. Style with a button down shirt underneath! You can even style this look with a maxi dress! I can only imagine how gorgeous that would be!
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Outfit details: Floppy hat - Forever21, button down - Zara, floral tube cocktail - #DesignsByKyna, kooky handbag - Flea market, yellow pumps - Flear market 2. Wear a jacket or a vest! Probably the most simple yet très chic of ways to restyle!
IMG_8046Β Processed with Snapseed. 3. Layer with a see-through cover up! What do you guys think of this edgy ensemble?
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Outfit details: beanie - H&M, chokers - Lilith PH, sequined dress - TopShop, cover up - Zara TRF, black body bag - Zara TRF, Studded heels - Miss Selfridge, jewelry - Mel's Collection, wrist bracelets - H&M 4. Sport an A-line skirt over! You'll look nothing short of fabulous when you own this getup for yourself! TAG ME IN YOUR IG POSTS WHEN YOU RECREATE THIS LOOK! HAHAHA! (Feeling ko ba na may magrerecreate? BUT I HOPE YOU DO!)
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Outfit details: Sunnies - Zara, neckscarf - #DesignsByKyna, beige dress - #DesignsByKyna, A-line skirt - Romwe, handbag - Balenciaga, Peep toe sandals - Zara TRF
Romwe's having the most awesome of sales! Click this link here to get redirected to their website! πŸ™‚ 5. Snuggle in a sweater! After all, napakalamig dito sa Pilipinas! HAHAHA!
j 6. Play with oversized blazers! Wore my top hat and "Phantom of the Opera" inspired mask last minute since I was EXTREMELY skeptic on wearing the blazer and ball gown as is, HAHAHAHA! So I thought this could be a good look for a costume party! I call it -- LADY PHANTOM. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Tawa naman diyan mga bes!
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Outfit details: top hat - Notting Hill flea market, blazer - #DesignsByMommy (that's actually my dad's), formal gown - #DesignsByMom #DesignsByKyna, mask - Souvenir store in Venice, Italy Honestly, I'd say making this blog post was INSANELY challenging -- with all the creative juice needed in coming up with fresh ideas on restyling formal dresses into casual wear, I'm totally burned out! Fortunately, I've always got the Big Man up there to help me with some creative boosting whenever I need it! It's amazing how every time I ask Him for help, He immediately delivers! A lot of times, I ask Him for content for writing entries and ideas for designs and styling, and never once did He fail to leave me appalled! All that you've been reading, seeing, and taking inspiration from is from Him -- all glory be to God 🙂 HAPPY HUNTING, GIRLIES!

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    1. Awww, I’m so so happy you enjoyed reading! Hopefully you gained some style tips not only with regards to revamping your old dresses but with other clothing pieces as well! πŸ™‚

  1. I’m in love with this post! You are incredibly creative, especially when it comes down to fashion. I am obsessed with the cropped sweater over a pattern dress look. It’s always my go-to when it’s a bit chillier outside but I really want to wear a dress. It’s some weird compromise I make with myself. I have a lot of dresses I would love to keep wearing in the Fall and this post really inspired me and helped me learn how to make that transition! Love it!!

    1. I KNOW!!!! And the thing with dresses is its impression of only being worn once. Once you wear it, people can automatically identify the same dress when you wear it a month after! RIGHT? HAHAHA! But there’s really no harm in wearing the same dress over and over, it’s just that society has wrapped its standards all over it. πŸ™ which is sad! So putting a sweater over said dress would definitely take it up a notch!

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