What to Wear to Catch Your Crush’s Attention

After much intensive research and an equally aiding counterbalance of careful deliberation, it's safe to say that I've come into terms with a conclusion of what it is that captivates boys, in accordance with dressing up, to helplessly swooned ladies. I've segregated every single one of my male interviewees to a classified group based on individual stereotypes and listed their answers respectively.
[disclaim]Disclaimer: as manipulative, as shallow, and as sexist as it may seem, the sole mission of this article is not, in any way, to promote said issues of the social construct, but is, in fact, to share viable information and to provide entertainment purposefully.[/disclaim]Question: when it comes to clothing, what is it that attracts you to women? Crush profile: Mr. Nice Guy Answer: •Ties hair into a ponytail •Smiles a lot •Not too revealing; conservative •Sports the colors black and white
FullSizeRender(52) FullSizeRender(51)
Outfit details: hat - Zara, sunnies - Notting Hill flea market, top - Zara, pajama pants - Forever21, bag and sandals - Charles and Keith
Crush profile: The MVP/point-guard/goalie (basically the jock) Answer:
•A sneaker head •Tomboyish; not too feminine •Wears a ponytail and smiles a lot (a given) •Bright colors are eye-catching
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Outfit details: bomber - Unarosa, bag - Hawk Bag, paint job - #DesignsByKyna, shoes - TopShop, culottes - Zara, sunnies - Zara Crush profile: Mr. Smarty Pants Answer: •Sophisticated enough; classy •Feminine •Mini skirts are a turn off
IMG_1966 FullSizeRender(53) IMG_1969
Shooting ground: Kasara Urban Resort Residences -- special thanks to Empire East for inviting us to use all their resources and facilities to generate better, scenic photographs, leading to higher quality content for you guys! They know how much I love each and everyone of you, and they love you all the same. As per the establishment itself, judging by the looks of it, I need not justify how luxurious a place Kasara Urban Resort Residences is, because I figured, you guys have already gotten a grasp, if not an entire foothold, of it! I mean, come on! JUST LOOK AT THE VIEW!
Outfit details: neck scarf - #DesignsByKyna, button down - uniqlo, tutu - Bangkok night market, handbag - Charles&Keith, peep toe platforms - Zara, sunnies - Notting hill flea market
Crush profile: Mr. Right Answer:
•Leads a Christ-centered life •Unconditionally loving; generous; selfless •Family-oriented •Raging sense of humor
(HAHAHA! NAKS! Cheesy but true!)
All pointers aforementioned are taken into account as I incorporate said points into my own personal style; not to mention, can definitely be applied to yours as well! One more thing, wearing a BOLD outfit, or something different to say the least, definitely catches attention by a million percent more! 🙂 Again, this is not to promote an environment of subjecting one's own will to the preference of another; as a matter of fact, I try to channel the opposite -- a community of nonconformity and of embracing one's uniqueness and originality.
Hope you've gained lots of information, possibly an insight or two. Also, If you're bold enough, comment down below who your crush is! HAHAHA! Have a great week, gal friends!!! Happy Hunting!

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    1. Thanks so much, Ella! It truly means the world to me knowing you take time reading and commenting on my blog <3 thanks for the love Ella! And i love you too!!!

  1. What a fun post! I’ve no doubt ‘Mr Smarty Pants’ would be impressed by that gorgeous blue outfit haha 😉 Such a perfect midi skirt..


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