What to Wear to Get the Career You’ve Always Wanted

Remember that one outrageous scene in Cinderella where the fairy godmother transforms Cinderella's pink, tattered rag of a dress (as per her evil stepsisters' viewpoint) into a glorious blue wonder, to the extent of the crowd supposing her of royalty? How about Elsa's phenomenal number when she sang her angst out and changed her entire look from an uptight queen, and not to mention intimidating, to a rebellious, and not to mention fabulous, ice princess? Or that time when Genie lavished "street rat" Aladdin with a grand parade led by fancy elephants and belly dancers, turning his likeness to that of an actual prince? So where exactly am I going here -- well, case-in-point, (but hey, you gotta give me credits for an interesting leeway) all three Disney characters aforementioned, in order to be who they want to be, dressed the role before they got the role! [pullquote width="300" float="RIGHT"] "THEY DRESSED THE ROLE BEFORE THEY GOT THE ROLE!"[/pullquote]

Whatever your end goal may be -- be it something as extraordinary as being the queen of England, as fun as rocking the stage with hiphop dancing, as technical as learning how to fix a car, as humane as treating cancer patients, or as entrepreneurial as setting up a tire company -- once you dress the part, you'll end up thinking the part, feeling the part, and later on, you'll BE the part! But before anything else, let's delve a little deeper, as are self-shaming, feeling incompetent, and conformity all unaddressed, and damaging, norms as of today, here's a quick motivational speech to somehow, and hopefully, change your thinking and lift you up:

The negative suppositions we feed ourselves are all lies -- we try to pattern ourselves to what we think the world only sees as fitting for a certain role (e.g. toned muscles, fair-skin), and once we experience setback from imitation, we feed ourselves criticisms, which all the while is actually a form of deception, only to grow more insecure; this is how our thinking functions. But the one thing (out of a million others) that contradicts with, God didn't create you for defeat, much less created you to belittle yourself, but rather burningly desires victory, joy, and love (of self and others) for you! Love yourself and your ambitions will love you! 🙂

Now, with that being said, after you rewire and disassociate your reasoning from claims that prove false and take a step towards self-affirmation, here's what YOU can do next to get started on achieving what you've always wanted to be -- DRESS IT TIL' YOU MAKE IT! 1. If you've always wanted to rap and beatbox till' the sun goes up, DRESS LIKE IT! #RapBeatboxRepeat IMG_1431 [left]FullSizeRender(33)[/left] [right] IMG_1436 [/right] IMG_1433


2. If you want to run an empire like the lady boss that you are, DRESS LIKE IT! FullSizeRender(36) FullSizeRender(37) FullSizeRender(39) 1389381_493218327507463_1842514095_n 3. If you want to be a pro at belly dancing like a native, DRESS LIKE IT! IMG_1460 IMG_1459 img_7899.jpg   4. If you want to be an owner of a vineyard and ride horses to and fro, DRESS LIKE IT! img_0565-2.jpg[left]snapseed-138.jpg[/left] [right]snapseed-107.jpg[/right]  img_8321.jpg 5. If you want to stand out and promote change (be it in school or at work), DRESS LIKE IT! DRESS DIFFERENT! FullSizeRender(34)[left]FullSizeRender(40)[/left] [right] FullSizeRender(35)[/right] FullSizeRender(38) That's it for today! 🙂 Tag me in your photos when you start dressing the part! And remember: you are beautiful, unique, and different -- SO DRESS LIKE IT! HAPPY HUNTING!   personal designs - white halter, yellow culottes

25 Replies to “What to Wear to Get the Career You’ve Always Wanted”

    1. Thanks Roseann! :'( you may not know it, but you do the same to me! 🙂 Thanks for inspiring me with your sweet words and motivation! 🙂

  1. yes, yes, YES! I love this. Clothing has such a influence over our day to day confidence. My grandma always says “dress for the job you want.” meaning, dress for your dream career, and you’ll go far. loved this post! xX

    1. There’s absolutely no problem in dressing formal during job interviews! Maybe take it up a tone to show your new boss that you not only have THE skills but a fun personality that actually goes with it! Colors are reflective to impressions we leave! 🙂 THANKS MITCH! <3

    1. Thanks so much, Deborah! 🙂 You agreeing with me couldn’t make me any happier! 🙂 Hope this post helped you in some way! 🙂

  2. Such an inspiring post! Dress as who you want to be is a great point and I wish I’d be able to do that too 🙂 We usually dress up to impress others, but your point is great and I will definitely consider that 🙂

    Ela BellaWorld

    1. Thanks, Ela! 🙂 YOU ARE DEFINITELY ABLE TO DO JUST THAT — I AM POSITIVE! 🙂 And yes! We tend to be people-pleasers, but then again, life’s too short to please others but ourselves!

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