Once upon a time, in a provincial town where grouchy bakers and intimidating landowners lived together in peace and harmony, there lived a fair maiden, sprouting of adolescence, who was as unmindful and naïve as a fly is to the beaming, glorious beauty of a Venus Flytrap, completely unaware of the slander beneath the wondrous façade of its predator – when it comes to cloaks and corsets; although it is the most bewildering of all arrangements as her mother is a renowned dressmaker in the land, the successor of the little damsel’s, though, quite frankly, not in distress, grandmother who also weaved and patterned frilly dresses for wealthy nobles. One fateful noonday, the fair maiden and her two sisters, though most definitely not stepsisters, were dilly-dallying around the local market, passing time before supper starts, prancing about their favorite clothing boutiques – but the little lassie had no interest, none at all, for tunics and clogs; instead, she remains stunned and astonished every time she walks past the boutique selling wind-up planes and carousels, rag dolls and string puppets, including the merchant whom she deems her fairy godmother – except today. Unexpected and completely out of the cards, she took a gamble and decided to tag along with her sisters to their usual trip to the dress shop; and what is even more so unexpected and even more so completely out of the cards, she watchfully eyed the clothing, buttons by ribbons, streaming her fingers down the fabrics of satin and silk – little did she know she’d fall irrevocably head over heels with what she used to heed a dread (which goes without saying, her kin towards fashion is, undeniably, partly a psychological effect materialized and instigated by her line of seamstresses and weavers). And from that day since, every morning, she’d run down the mill across the little prairie to her mother’s shop and sew herself her very own creations; and she lived happily ever after. Now that, my friends, is how I, the fair maiden in the story (HAHAHA! Talk about self-proclamation!), as stated above, fell irrevocably head over heels with fashion – minus the fairytale limelight and Middle Ages, medieval-themed setting, of course! And in lieu with, given my intent adoration for dressmaking (and styling, indisputably), I’M GIVING AWAY TEN OF MY PERSONAL CREATIONS FOR TEN OF YOU GUYS – WITH YOUR NAME ON IT! I’ve always wanted to design something for all of you – something especially made for you, something personal – which is why I’m also having it patterned to your liking – be it a tank, halter-necked, short-sleeved, whatever top you want! And considering my extremely lengthy (I know it’s long because my platform has been giving me warnings, time and time again, about reaching the maximum word limit) and most-times-irrelevant blog posts about nonsense memoirs, existential late night thoughts, dramatic rants, and everything in between; when it should’ve mainly been about designing and styling, you’re all still here despite my relentless yapping, SO THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! AND I CAN’T THANK GOD ENOUGH FOR EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU! [disclaim] Now here are the mechanics for joining!
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  • Winners will be privately messaged on June 4, 2016 (EXTENDED)! DON'T FORGET TO TAG ME WHEN YOU WEAR THEM! 🙂
[/disclaim] And that’s it, loves! AGAIN, I LOVE YOU ALL! AND HAPPY HUNTING! img_9350.jpg long sleeved top - My design, balloon skirt - Miss Selfridge, jewelry - Ever New, necklace - LFT, wooden handbag - local souvenir store, heels - Charles&Keith, sunnies - Gucci  

28 Replies to “#DesignsByKyna”

  1. Ngayon lang kita nakilala at nakita. But the way na magsuot ka ng mga damit you have a beautiful fashion taste ah. Add mo pa yung kagandahan mo. I want to be you someday yung may taste sa fashion. :3

  2. Hope that you saw my entries on all social media acounts twitter, ig and fb, and win! I told my friends to join too. Also, love the top. I always wish to be a fashion designer too, where did you study? 🙂 btw can I use my two accounts to post?

    1. Hi Krishia! Yes, I have! 🙂 And go pursue your endeavor of being a fashion designer! 🙂
      Thanks so much, that’s so sweet of you!
      I’m currently studying at ADMU, and yes of course you can! 🙂

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