Dressmaking 101: Patch Perfect

GET YOUR OLD, WORN-OUT JEANS (or any type of clothing in general that you think goes well together with patches -- I trust your preferences!) AND RECREATE THEM INTO SOMETHING YOU'D WANT TO WEAR AGAIN AND BE PROUD TO CALL A MASTERPIECE! Today I experiment on the jeans I wore in my first ever blog post! _MG_3046 Step 1: Remember to take color scheme into consideration when picking out patches.  Step 2: Place the patches in strategically encompassed areas of desired garment and let creativity flow as you decide on how to position it altogether!    Step 3: Sewing or ironing are both options!  But if you'd prefer to have the alternative of switching out the patches or the alternative to wear your chosen apparel in its natural form once again, I'd suggest performing the latter, otherwise, I'd go with the former.   AND VOILA! It's literally as easy as 1, 2, 3, because you get to revamp any old, tasteless piece of clothing that's bound to be thrown away in just 3 steps! HOW AWESOME IS THAT! (I think I just sounded like an infomercial HAHA!)   Anyway, I hope you learned a thing or two from today's blog post, and tune in next time for more techniques and tutorials on creating clothing that's only yours to wear! Think about it, once you get the hang of designing/making your own clothes, you don't have to pay for overpriced shorts or tank tops any longer, and I'm not even getting started with the sense of fulfillment it brings about -- plus the fear of catching someone at the mall wearing the exact same thing as you is now officially eliminated! HAHAHAHA!
Again, thank you for reading this post! And see you on the next Dressmaking 101 -- HAPPY HUNTING!!!

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