Sweet Disposition

 On the eve of Christmas eve's eve (HAHAHA), carrying around our routine of an excuse of buying holiday gifts for people when in fact, we benefited most as we bought ourselves gifts and goodies for overpassing and conquering a semester worth of case studies and research and as we catch up on clothing stores we should've had but couldn't visit on weekends because of, again, case studies and research, Pauline and I, with corners of our smiles tailgating our eyes, finally, after 4 tedious months, went shopping at Forever21. As enthrallment and excitement roused up all over our bodies, leaving no traces of guilt whatsoever given that we felt the sensation of pride and victory over our dealt with classes, I spotted a military green shawl draped over a mannequin as though it were a soft coat, and time froze still -- every shopper reaching out for the hard-to-reach ensembles up atop the racks, every cashier manning the register collecting change to hand back to giddy women who are all glancing around the gondolas looking for impulsive purchases, and every lady in the ladies' fitting room checking how their bodies look in contrast to the clothes they were trying out all stood still, as if in a movie froze in a timeframe with speed motions paused -- I knew i had to get it; I just knew I had to get that cloak.  After I got it all bundled up in my arms, right there and then, I saw a beige version of the cloak, raveled in a rack of miscellaneous pieces, and in an instant, I swiped it away before anyone could marvel at its beauty and take it for themselves. Now lining for the cash register, I was at a crossroads; I had a dilemma on which one to choose, but I just couldn't resist, so I got both!  About 5 hours later,as I was planning my outfits for our trip to Taiwan, I hadn't had the slightest clue on which cloak to pair with which outfit. I tried putting the green shawl over a striped dress, tried seeing how the beige one looked like with pajama pants, and tried checking the atmosphere extracted when paired with a tight fitting skirt, and somehow, it lacked something -- it didn't feel right. I was lying on a huge pile of my reject pieces, feeling hopeless and regretful of my purchase, when the next thing I knew, i was tying both ends of the green shawl and putting it over the beige one, I got matching whites out from the drawer to make the earthy tones stick out even more, and I put on my maroon fedora as the cherry on top, AAAAND I GOT IT! I was finally satisfied with the outcome of the way it looked. 🙂 Sounds hectic, I know, but it was fun all the same. So what are your fashion mishaps and blunders gone right?                              (That's my grammy right there!)  Fedora - Stradivarius, cloak - Forever21, turtleneck, pants - Zara, boots - flea market, bag - PochetteMNL  

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