My Life’s Secret

Although our lives are not and never measured by inevitable, painful outer factors akin a tragic death of a loved one or a sudden, painful heartbreak, we still tend to measure who we are or fully depend the outcomes on experiences, as it is normal considering that they are constants in life, to shape our emotions, beliefs, and values -- to shape our lives; say, a young boy grew up in bounds of a violent dad, coming home only to witness a beating taken by his mom, landing him, 20 years later, in jail for the crime of murder, all because of what he'd experienced in his childhood. He had allowed his childhood to write his future, and just as he, so do we; just as you, so do I, just as I, so do you -- we all go through different experiences but altogether we've felt the same pain (depression, loneliness, raging anger, regret, jealousy, confusion, doubts, and emptiness). We unknowingly let our experiences, our pasts, to write our futures, and we don't have a clue how to get out of the rat race -- we feel happy when we're out with friends or traveling abroad, but when we get back home, the sadness starts to creep in once again; it's a seemingly endless cycle, back to square one. I know this because I've felt it all -- I've experienced feeling sudden pangs of emptiness when I'm alone, I've felt depressed especially when loads and piles of troubles came about me, I've felt replaced, out of place, overly jealous, and extremely confused, I've felt incapable in times when I exert effort in the things I do and it ends up a failure, I've been betrayed and talked badly behind my back. I've felt lost, insecure, and unhappy. I questioned God and life, I've thought about suicide -- and I'm a hundred percent positive you've felt it all too; YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Everyone in this world are facing trials of their own -- your family, your friends, and strangers alike, but more often than not, they are capable only for comfort and empathizing, lacking the strength to actually solve the problem or eliminate the struggle as a whole, seeing that they are only humans after all; and the second I realized that comes the moment when revelation finally brought me the light to accept that only I, only you, can actually overcome the trials faced -- YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHOOSE TO OVERCOME THE TRIALS FACED. Choose to let go of the matters that you don't have control over, because what more is there to do over things we don't know what to do with. Choose to let go of the pain, abuse, and sadness you've experienced in the past, because what more is there to deal with or get frustrated for when it's already happened. Choose to let go of failures, of regret, and of things that are happening right now over which you just can't do anything about, and choose to let God take control of everything -- of your life. Choose to let God pave the way for the best job, the best significant other, the best friends, and the best moments in your life, because He wants nothing, and I mean nothing, but the best for YOU. Choose to let God align what seems like broken relationships, impossible ventures, and hopeless situations; not because you have to, but rather because He can and most definitely, will. LET GO AND LET GOD. HAPPY NEW YEAR! AND HAPPY HUNTING!       Sweater dress - Forever21, bag - Claire's, russian hat - TopShop, thigh highs - Stradivarius

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