Nature’s Calling

Out of all the millions and millions of articles blasting from the internet, which post is most rampantly shared on social media at the moment because of its highly relevant content and ingenuity in our fast paced lifestyle that's constantly looking for innovation? YUUUUP, LIFE HACKS!  Only, those articles are mostly patterned and targeted for the household, so I'm here to introduce you to a few fashion hacks I've discovered throughout my years of irrevocably and continually falling in love with style!  1. Seen on my blog pictures below, my brown leather jacket was purchased from H&M kids. Try shopping at the kids' department in stores -- chances are, there's a whole variety of irresistibly adorable pieces to choose from, plus, the clothes are a little cheaper in comparison to many; but just make sure to pick up the largest size when you finally decide on what to buy!  2. Also a part of today's #OOTD, my green ruffly top was a bit too revealing on the chest area, so if you ever come across a dilemma like mine, just tie a knot to each spaghetti strap, and VOILA! Job's done!  Yes, I know -- I know what you're thinking, the list's a little too short, but you can stick around and watch out for more fashion hacks next time! HEHEHEHE! HAPPY HUNTING, LOOOOVES! 🙂              I was oblivious to our itinerary to the mountains, hence the pajama pants, but it swept me with just the right temperature of cool breeze, enough to still have me experience Taiwan winter.         Jacket - H&M kids, pajama pants - Own design, top - TopShop, sandals - Zara, bag - claire's 

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