Pooch in Taipei

When it comes to fashion statements, what ultimately catches my eye when I seam through holiday themed or winter centered media outlets are the strong and bold, voluminous, attention-drawing coats displayed on women, whether it be fashioned on the streets or modeled professionally as layouts for cover pages or for main roles; and what's usually worn underneath are a set of plain neutrals.  So here's the equation: statement coat + neutral (black, white, or gray) tops and bottoms + booties = EXTREMELY FABULOUSLY WINTER READY!  Like Newton's Theory of Relativity, this style equation has saved people time and time again; with its seemingly simple, but powerful formula, hundreds and thousands of citizens are rescued from one fashion dilemma after another and has avoided assault by the fashion police. It has come to be of rescue, two days ago, when I was picking out outfits to wear to Taiwan; seen in the pictures below, I sported a fur, metallic dark green coat over all-black sets. Plus, I also followed the same formula on my trip to Amsterdam seven months ago! 🙂  Remember that formula, keep it locked away in your head, up until your grave! HAHAHAHA!  Happy Hunting!                            Fur coat - H&M, pants - Thrift Bubble, bag - TopShop, boots - flea market, sunnies - black market, black undershirt - Uniqlo

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