Clothes Buffet Giveaway!

Picture this: you're starving, growling tummy and all, because you haven't eaten all day, and you're set for a dinner buffet at 7, what do you do when you get to the restaurant? Without thinking, you immediately set out for the food counters, unintentionally leaving your clamoring buddies behind, savoring all the chicken mushroom risottos, spaghetti ala napoletanas, deep fried oyster cakes, beef teriyaki sizzling plates, salmon kani rolls, sweet and sour pork with broccolis, steamed red lobster, and clam chowders you can devour in one sitting! And well, the list of gourmet dishes and number of rounds goes on and on, but don't get me started on desserts! Imagine plating all the wide arrays of beautifully arranged delectable cuisines and replace it all with mental pictures of fashion racks laid out with glamorous, top-retailed clothes -- yup, imagine having the liberty to hoard all the sequined tops, floral culottes, tweed jackets, and yellow maxi skirts you set your eyes on! And not to mention, everything it is that is on your wish list! Now let's materialize those imaginations into something feasible -- heeeyup, it's possible and it's a real thing -- the CLOTHES BUFFET! And it's going to happen on November 21-22 at Elements Centris! And what's even more exciting is that they are giving away one free buffet bag for you guys! But that's not at all! Type in KYNA300 on the promo code and get P300 off on your buffet bag! Woohooooo!  Get the chance to grab all the clothes that you can and fit it all into a buffet bag within 20 minutes! Have anything specific in mind you wanna get? If you ask me, I'd probably grab bold, harder-to-find pieces first! I don't know about you, but just thinking about it gets me in the mood to exercise and beat all the other shoppers by sifting faster through one clothing rack after another! Check out my instagram and facebook page and Clothes Buffet's for more details on how to join and enter! See you on the event! HIHI! Good luck on the giveaway and happy hunting! <3  

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