I Scream for HoneyCreme!

A chocolate-covered mocha brownie frosted atop with gooey layers of melted marshmallow, sprinkled all over with cinnamon dusting and a flambéed peach mango crepe covered in a crisp, semi-burnt coating of butter and sugar sounds a lot like a formula to satisfy a sweet tooth, but that's not all there is to the equation! Honey Creme's delectable choices of soft serve ice cream, coming all the way from Taiwan, has finally hit Philippine stores, and their creamy, not to mention to die for, soft serves drizzled with Affogato coffee, served with a huge cloud of cotton candy, and finished off with a dash of rock salt makes up a complete solution to solve a problem on your sugar obsession! But diving in for the Cotton Candy Affogato alone undoubtedly encompasses both brownie and crepe -- it's an independent formula in itself! 😉 Soooooooo, to commemorate their grand opening this coming Saturday, Honey Creme is giving away ten coupons -- five of you guys are going to win two coupons each! How exciting is that! Check out the High Heeled Hunter's facebook page to join and enter the giveaway! I am so excited! Enjoy your sugar rush and happy hunting!         

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