From Amsterdam With Love

Yes, today's all-black and coat ensemble may just be the most classic (and most comfortable) of all winter getups, and because of all that, i had all the liberty in the world to run off, without having to think of falling down or slipping, from one tourist spot to the other! I specifically chose my bag (in cobalt) to even out the beige and maroon tones! Moreover, beige ALWAYS goes with maroon! It's a great combination in winter or any season for that matterĀ (and in thisĀ case, in summer HAHA!), which also means it's great for layering! Also, I threw in a combo of a sequined top and a shiny, pleather bandage skirt to give the look more depth/detail, even if only a little of it is showing! And about tourist spots, we roamed around the world famous, Heineken Experience! It's basically just a museum that displays the beer's history, makings, and the likes! We also customized our own beer -- how cool is that! And other than that, we traveled, what seemed like forever, to the not-so-world-famous-but-should-definitely-be Keukenhof Garden! It's the prettiest and most awe-striking garden I have ever laid eyes on! FullSizeRender(21) IMG_7466 IMG_7435 IMG_7403 IMG_7464 IMG_7527 IMG_7469 IMG_7541 FullSizeRender(22) FullSizeRender(25) FullSizeRender(23) FullSizeRender(24) Coat - Zara TRF, undershirt - Own design, sequined top - WAGW, tights - h&m, vinyl bondage skirt - TopShop, Boots - Patty

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