Why Do I Blog?

Outside us extends a space cultivating of negatives so relentless and influential it surpasses the set equilibrium and penetrates well within ourselves, and such negative inevitabilities stimulate burdens of contempt, inferiority, and more likely so, eventual downfall -- in a generation single handedly driven by envy, selfishness, and hatred from the likes of instances as seemingly superficial as unsuccessfully fabricating a facade to portray a certain image, or to be hailed "#goals" in the extent of unsurpassed expected number of likes or followers to tragedies as devastating as regional conflict turned bloodbaths and unwarranted deaths and everything negative in between, tendency is, we take it as it is and succumb to hopelessness and defeat; we lose sight of the light that shines at the end of the tunnel, the rainbow after the rain, the grass that's greener on the other side. And that is exactly the reason as to why I blog, why I'm doing what I'm doing -- to hopefully remind all of you (yes, YOU!!!) that in spite of what our social platform standing may dictate, or lack thereof, YOU ARE ENOUGH BEYOND REASON, YOU ARE RELEVANT IN EVERY ASPECT, YOU ARE AS COMPETENT AS ALL EINSTEINS COMBINED (and even more so), AND YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT; to remind you, as painstaking as it is overrated, that the positives -- love, joy, peace, and conclusively goodness en masse -- will always prevail; it will never be outnumbered, never outweighed, and never outshined; to remind you of the gleam of light half a mile more past the tunnel, the double rainbow engulfed just across two more double rainbows, and the much greener grass that won't be wilting any time soon.

I blog because I want to be a source of positivity in a negative stricken world and to motivate you into channeling your maximum potential to ultimately being a source of positivity in a negative stricken world. To end, a Bible verse, "You are the light of the world." (Matthew 14) and together, we'll shine so bright, there will no longer be any room for even the slightest hint of shadow of darkness. SO KEEP ON SHINING, SISSIES! I love you! 🙂