Outside us extends a space cultivating of negatives so relentless and influential it surpasses the set equilibrium and penetrates well within ourselves, and such negative inevitabilities stimulate burdens of contempt, inferiority, and more likely so, eventual fatality -- but it doesn't have to end, much so be, that way. We're girls, even the things of insignificance and superficiality, as per society regard, are by all means a basis for grief, and in hopes of uplifting and encouraging one another, I've created the High Heeled Hunter as our way of being trusting, vulnerable (in the sense of being open), and loving to our little family, and to likewise receive the antecedents correspondingly as a counteract to the opposed; all exemplified in us sharing stories and secrets we can't tell anyone, dealing with whatever it is that's causing us to drown in insecurity, overcoming and rising above the ashes together as girls who run the world (ALL HAIL QUEEN BEY!), benevolently giving style low downs come fashion dilemmas, and all-in-all basically being ourselves (unique and wonderfully made) in a world that's trying to make us like everyone else! WE'RE SISTERS, AFTER ALL!